Belly Button + Panniculectomy

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Panniculectomy and Belly Button? (photo)

Hello, Im going for a consult for my insurance to cover a Panniculectomy due to 2 csections and over 100lb weightloss over past several years. My... READ MORE

Do They Have to Remove Your Belly Button for Insurance to Cover a Panniculectomy? (photo)

Years ago after loosing all my weight, my weight loss doc came to me about having the panniculectomy. He informed me & my husband that insurance... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and my belly button is infected. Do I take the garment off to let it breathe? (photos)

My belly button is disgustingly infected. It's green and yellow inside, I have been putting peroxide and polysporin in it everyday, but should I be... READ MORE

Having Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction..but Have Chronic Belly Button Inf?

MY insurance approved a panni and breast reduction for sept. 16 2013....i am very greatfull and excited that they are approving these procedures. I... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Panniculectomy vs Muscle Tightening vs Belly Button Repositioning?

Hello, I'm new to this. I just had my panniculectomy on 9/23, 6 days ago. I had lost 67lbs due to bariatric & had massive skin hanging causing pain,... READ MORE

Panniculectomy; Do I have to have drains with this?

I would just like to get rid of some loose skin below my belly button. I thought about a tummy tuck, but I have no one at home to help me afterwards.... READ MORE

Had a monsplasty and panniculectomy 7 months ago. I'm very unhappy with my results. Seeking advice on a revision please (photos)

Most important question is about the size of my monspubic area. This was my main reason and desire for surgery because of the hanging. It looks the... READ MORE

I had a hernia in my belly button repaired and a panniculectomy done on March 31st. Do I look like I need a revision done ?

Do I look like I need a revision done ? Can I have my mons and the rest of my extra skin off and my belly button repaired too ? READ MORE

Considering a panniculectomy. Is this the procedure my surgeon described to me?

My surgeon told me that he would remove the apron, tighten the upper ab muscles, reposition my belly button (due to where the incision would be), no... READ MORE

How much better will the outcome be of a paniculectomy with ab stitching vs. no ab stitching?

I'm scheduled for a paniculectomy, belly button fix and the ab plication. I'm not sure I want to do the ab plication. I don't like the idea of being... READ MORE

Bad odor after having penniculectomy. Does this mean it's infected? What should I do?

Its been 6 months after pennicletmy surgery everything was fine. I start smelling bad odor and come to find out its coming from my new belly button. I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Panniculectomy or Mini Tummy Tuck?

I had gotten a Panniculectomy done last month but I feel as if it was more of a Mini TT. My board certified surgeon moved the belly button a bit,... READ MORE

Belly Button Odor and Discharge 6 Months Post Panniculectomy?

I am 6 months post op from a Panniculectomy. Dr. made a new belly button which looks great, however, just this past week I have noticed sliced... READ MORE

Wet gangrene, pus, redness everywhere, seroma, and now stitches poking out. Is this normal? (Photo)

Is this Normal because my Dr. acts like this is nothing and somewhat common? What do I do? Panni done 1/5/15, infected belly button so I got a 2nd... READ MORE

Panniculectomy W/ Plication of Abdominal Wall and Belly button Replacement?

I'm 5'4 192 lbs. I have been this weight for over a year mostly fluctuating btwn 192 and 187. I'am scheduled for surgery Oct,18,2012. Is this... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, I have pain and tightness around belly button. Is this normal?

Hi. Six weeks ago, I had a fleur de lis panniculectomy with lipo and had my belly button moved due to the amount of skin removed. My ps told me to... READ MORE

Exactly what is done through the umbilis during a panniculectomy that causes stitches to be placed in it? (photos)

I am sure I missed some information along the way. But could someone tell me what is it during the panniculectomy procedure that requires entry... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and still getting infections in my belly button. Do I need another panniculectomy? (Photo)

I look like I am deformed and I still get infections in my belly button and rashes do I look like I need another panniculectomy and revision of my... READ MORE

I had a panniculetomy 2 weeks ago. My belly button is pink and I've had a yellowish drainage. Is this an infection? (photo)

I had a panniculetomy two weeks ago tomorrow. My PS is over an hours drive away. My belly button is getting pink, I've had a yellowish drainage since... READ MORE

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