Apron + Panniculectomy

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How Much Does an Apronectomy Cost?

I have recently lost 5 stone , i have had a cesarean in the past , and my stomach hangs very low , this makes me feel very depressed and unhappy , i... READ MORE

I would like to get my apron removed. How much weight would I need to lose to be considered? I'm 5'2" and weigh 284 lbs. (photo)

I do like to be chunky. I just don't like the hang. It's hard to keep fresh and since I've had three c-sections, I have zero feeling in the apron area. READ MORE

Panniculectomy or Not? (photo)

I have a apron of skin and fat that hangs down over my pubic area. when I wear workout pants or a swim suit I have this unsightly roll that is hard to... READ MORE

Panniculectomy Am I a Good Candidate for This? (photo)

Hello, i am considering getting bypass surgery. I am 5'6 270lbs. Majority of my weight is in my stomach. I have a large stomach around which at this... READ MORE

Apron Stomach Removal?

I am a 39 yr old woman. I have been obese my whole life. I have been on so many diets I could scream. I weigh currently 435lbs. My weight never really... READ MORE

Panniculectomy Requires Some Type of Skin Problem? (photo)

I am wondering if I could ask a dr to perform a Panniculectomy because of the cosmetic effect and not because of skin problems. I am not done having... READ MORE

How much weight do I need to lose before I can get a Panniculeoctomy? (photos)

Hi, I have had 3 cesections and the most recent was from twins. I have been exercising and dieting with a personal trainer and havent lost the weight.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Pannicultomy? (photos)

I'm 28 250 5'3 I've had to kids via c-section, I'm have a panni (apron) that cover my growing area and hips.that comes from lack of mussels it's hard... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a Panniculectomy due to my medical conditions?

I have fibromyalgia and am in constant lower back pain & have an apron skin that gets rashes often I have had this problem for quite a while and had a... READ MORE

I am wondering if I will have good enough results with just a panniculectomy??? (photos)

I have had 1 baby va C-Section and have lost 100 pounds from RNY(7-17-2014) and now have a large apron that hangs ontop of my pubic area and age... READ MORE

Considering a panniculectomy. Is this the procedure my surgeon described to me?

My surgeon told me that he would remove the apron, tighten the upper ab muscles, reposition my belly button (due to where the incision would be), no... READ MORE

Likelyhood of BCBS Tx Approving?

I have had Lap Band surgery, lost 120 pounds.I have hernias in my belly button area.Gave birth to two children.I have an apron of thick skin that... READ MORE

What are my chances of being approved for a panniculectomy?

The most I've weighed is 375 lbs. I now weigh 224 lbs. I've had two children. I am starting to get rashes on my bikini line, underneath my "apron",... READ MORE

What would be the best procedure for skin removal of my mother's apron? Panniculectomy or abcominoplasty? Any others? (photos)

In these pictures I weight approx. 135. I am 5'1". I am planning on losing more weight but 130 seems to be ideal. I weight training and run 5-6 days a... READ MORE

Insurance coverage for an abdominoplasty vs a panniculectomy if someone had an umbilical hernia repair?

I have had bariatric surgery and have a skin apron below the pubis s/p 100# loss x 2 yrs. I have a long hx of rashes, but have usually cared for them... READ MORE

If I Have A-Fib, How Dangerous is Panniculectomy?

I had a complete hysterectomy 13 years ago which almost immediately caused skin to lap over the scar area. I have lost weight in recent years and now... READ MORE

I Had Endometriosis and Had a Tumor Removed from my Stomach and a False Mesh Put in Place?

This has left me with an apron that hangs down to the top of my legs. I have been told there is nothing that can be fine as mesh can't be removed or... READ MORE

How should a panniculectomy/hernia repair be submitted as a medical necessity and approved by insurance?

I have a upper abdominal hernia that is quite large in size and protrudes outward and causes problems and an umbilical hernia which recedes inward. I... READ MORE

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