After Weight Loss + Panniculectomy

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Panniculectomy Vs Abdominoplasty

I've lost 154lbs after having a duodenal switch in August of 2009. I'm not 100% sold on the getting a tummy tuck rather than just a panni... READ MORE

Will Insurance Possibly Cover a Scar Revision?

I am a 46 yr old mom of 3 children, all 3 c sections. Around the age of 31, I had my stomach stapled for weight loss. After loosing aprox 150 lbs, I... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and Belly Button? (photo)

Hello, Im going for a consult for my insurance to cover a Panniculectomy due to 2 csections and over 100lb weightloss over past several years. My... READ MORE

If I Got Approved for A1 Panniculectomy,1abdominoplasty and Reduction Mammoplasty Will I Get a Flat Stomach? (photo)

I am 5/5 my weight is 168 I have 5 children 8 pregnancys I had a gastrobypass in april 2010 lost almost 100 pounds and my waist is 44 READ MORE

I Am Getting Ready to Have a Panniculectomy...what Can I Expect?

I had gastric bypass in 2008,have lost over 240 lbs and developed non-healing necrotic abdominal wounds in 2012. They first thought the wounds were... READ MORE

I Have a Consult Scheduled, Panniculectomy or Full Abdominoplasty Needed? (photo)

5'3, highest weight 319, after pregnancy and weight loss, i've been stable at 220 lbs - stubbornly for the past 11 months. I walk 5 miles on a daily... READ MORE

Was Approved for Adomnioplasty and Dr. Did a Panelectomy is That Right?

I lost 153 pounds and due to excess skin and continuation of sores and rounds of antibiotics. I was approved for adomnioplasty from my insurance... READ MORE

I Am in Need of a Panniculectomy, I Am Low Income Full Time Student, is There an Insurance Best to Get This Covered? (photo)

I have lost over 200+ pounds and still have a bit to go on my journey but I am in great need of a panniculectomy to help with being able to increase... READ MORE

Having Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction..but Have Chronic Belly Button Inf?

MY insurance approved a panni and breast reduction for sept. 16 2013....i am very greatfull and excited that they are approving these procedures. I... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove a fat apron/pannis after weight loss? (Photo)

Overweight but have lost weight going from 420lbs to 230. Without surgery just diet I'm 29 years old with good blood pressure, and no diabetes nor... READ MORE

I've lost 75 lbs in 10 months 230-165 the only thing in my way is 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area?

How do I start the insurance and medical process for my desired procedure ? I'm covered under Medicaid which will pay for my PANNICULECTOMY but I have... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck to Help with Insulin Absorption?

I have noticed since all of my weight loss – 50 pounds over 5 years that my insulin absorption isn’t great in the belly area. I am a type 1 dia... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before revision? (Photo)

Should I loose weight before revision? My original weight was 384. In 2 years I went down to 167 and a panniculectomy was approved by my insurance in... READ MORE

Will BCBS Cover My Panniculectomy After Gastric Bypass?

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover my Panniculectomey I Lost 120 Pounds I Had the Gasteric Bypass 6 Years Ago? READ MORE

I'm a 6'2, 55 Male, Had Bypass Surgery 8 Years Ago, Went from 425 to 265,got Depressed Because of Sagging? (photo)

Skin and fat below my belly button, I'm back on the ball, workout/walk on a regular basis and am down to 294 after hitting 335 last year. Im so... READ MORE

I Had Gastric Bypass 2007 and Have Kept my Weight off over 4 Years Now. Would Like Other Surgeries?

I need a breast reduction and a panniculectomy. I lost over 128 lbs right away and carring about 25-35 lbs excess. The problem is my ins company has... READ MORE

Is it too soon for a panniculectomy or abdominal resizing surgery. I am 20 mos post gastric sleeve and in a wheelchair.

54 yr old - in wheelchair - I have lost from 550 to 325 lbs but my stomach is laying on my thighs out to my knees. I am fighting yeast infections and... READ MORE

Would I qualify for an insurance paid panniculectomy? (Photo)

I have recently lost 30 lbs and now have notice how bad my pannus hang. I have had infection in this area in the past do to sweat accumulating. I have... READ MORE

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