Wisdom Teeth + Orthognathic Surgery

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Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Be the Cause of my Lower Jaw Swelling? I Did a Panoramic Xray and the Lower Wisdom Teeth is Still Bone

Can impacted wisdom teeth be the cause of my lower jaw swelling? I did a panoramic xray and the lower wisdom teeth is still bone READ MORE

How do I fix my uneven jawline? (Photo)

I have only noticed about a year ago my jawline is really uneven. I use to have an even kinda squared jaw now one side is smaller. I read this can... READ MORE

How Long Should I Have Jaw Pain and What Should I Do About It?

Earlier this mouth I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed. Everthing went well. I went to follow ups with the Dr. A couple of days ago, I was eating and... READ MORE

What can be done to help enhance jaw line, and make my face more symmetrical? (Photo)

Had sliding genioplasty and wisdom teeth removal a month ago cheeks are flatter and my face appears longer I also notice one side of chin and jawline... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery? Natural Class 1 occlusion, but weak chin (Photo)

I'm 18, with crowding + overjet. This wasn't always the case - at 12 I had straight teeth. Could my problems be due to my impacted wisdom tooth (my... READ MORE

What do I really need to correct my underbite?

I went to two orthodontists so far. One that I recently went to said that I would probably have to take my wisdom teeth out, but corrected himself a... READ MORE

Will I have to be put in a diaper for my surgery that will take about 2-4 hrs?

They are pulling my wisdom teeth first. Then they are bring the top part of my jaw forward and the bottom of my jaw back. READ MORE

M.23: Seriously considering aesthetic facial surgery for more masculine profile. Orthognathic surgery or Implants? (Photos)

I had one molar removed and 4 wisdom teeth in my early teens with braces for 2+ years. My occlusion is fine but I feel my upper and lower jaw are... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Wisdom Teeth Removal (photos)

I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Before the procedure, I had a fairly symmetrical face (see the before picture). Immediately after the... READ MORE

Jaw deviation when i'm speaking? (photo)

Hello everybody, 5 months after an impacted wisdom tooth extraction and great pains the pains are gone, but i noticed that when i'm speaking my chin... READ MORE

Will braces, surgery, or a combo fix my uneven face? (Photo)

My left side of my face is significantly different than my right. I had braces in elementary school and had perfect teeth and no difference in my face... READ MORE

Orthognathic jaw surgery and wisdom teeth. Any suggestions?

1. How important is to remove wisdom teeth if I am having orthognathic jaw surgery? 2. How much time has to pass between wisdom teeth removing and... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery / Braces?

I am 25 years old and still have all of my undesired wisdom teeth. My parents noticed that I had developed an overbite paired with crowding with the... READ MORE

So many JAW issues! It's asymmetrical! What are my options? (photos)

I have been having extreme jaw pain for the last year. I finally went to the dentist and learned a lot of things out about my jaw. The "pallet" (?) on... READ MORE

What are my options and what should I take into consideration?

I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. He said that due how thin my jaw bone and my tmj problems... READ MORE

How do I resolve my uneven jaw/chin? (Photos)

So initially I assumed that getting braces would sort out the cross bite of my teeth, but I then realised that it's my uneven jaw that is causing the... READ MORE

Would I benefit from DJS as opposed to LJS? Orthodontic Treatment (Photo)

I have been to see 2 different mf surgeons, who both suggested Lower jaw advancement . My midline is off by 4mm and it will be difficult to correct.I... READ MORE

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