Wide + Orthognathic Surgery

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My Face and My Jaw is So Uneven. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Please give me advice with how to fix my jaw.. when i open my mount wide and move my jaw from left to right, there's a rubbing of bone.. and it is so... READ MORE

Jaw/Chin Surgery for Male? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 21 year old male and I feel that my jaw / chin area is too wide making my face look longer. I was also wondering about the possibility of... READ MORE

Can I get Orthognathic surgery and a jaw shave reduction at the same time? (photos)

I have a protruding jaw. I don't have underbite anymore. Braces fixed that but my jaw still protrudes. I would like on a single lower jaw orthognathic... READ MORE

Get lefort I corrected? (photos)

Unsure if I should get a revision on my lefort I. He took at least 3mm from the back of my jaw on both sides because my orthodontist didnt correctly... READ MORE

Double jaw surgery. Is there hope? (photos)

I have a severely underdeveloped mandible and maxilla both in length and width, underdeveloped cheekbones, and narrow nasal passageways due to poor... READ MORE

Will a posterior jaw angle implant create a wider & more defined jaw?

1. if i do decide to get a vertical drop down jaw angle implant will i get atleast maybe 2 mm width from the front view? 2 if one gets a width lateral... READ MORE

How to get a wider and sharper jawline ?

How do I get a sharper wider more defined jawline like the one Angelina Jolie has? I would like to get jaw implants but I am having a hard time... READ MORE

Finding options for a defined jawline. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 33, 6'1 191 and 19% body fat. I have always had a narrow jaw but in the last few years all distinction from my jaw to my neck has disappeared.... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for a Wide Jaw Line?

About eight years ago, I had orthognathic surgery to treat vertical maxillary excess. Unfortuantely, since then, I have been very uncomfortable with... READ MORE

I Want to Reduce the Width of my Jaw and Chin Because It Makes my Face Look Too Full. Which Method is Better and Safer?

Should i shave my facial bone on the sides or should i do a T-cut otoeostomy & fixation w/ titanium screws? i heared that shaving it from the... READ MORE

Jaw surgery possibilities: to make wide face narrower, not V-line surgery, and mandible angles.

I think my face is too wide. Can you move the jaws inward, making the overall contour of the face narrower? And is the surgeon able to change the... READ MORE

I have a weak gonial angle. If I really just want my jaw angle to be lower is it possible? (photo)

Hi! I have a weak gonial angle, on the side, but in the front view, my jaw is wide enough. If I really just want my jaw angle to be lower is it... READ MORE

Broad Nose After Orthognathic Surgery?

Hello, I did a jaw surgery on May 2009 I was a class II patient and I had a gummy smile. I asked my surgeon to correct my gummy smile too since then... READ MORE

Why is my face bigger after square jaw surgery? (Photo)

I had square jaw surgery and also reduced my cheekbones. My face looks more flat and wide than before surgery. Is it because the skin has sagged after... READ MORE

Inner Mouth Size/Space and Jaw Reconstruction - Is it possible to make my mouth open wider?

Due to chemo and radiation treatments as an infant to the neck area, my jaw is lacking in size and masculine structure; it also killed the roots to my... READ MORE

Are facial exercises counterintuitive if I have an over pronounced jaw line?

I have midface hypoplasia, a wide, square face (temples same width as jawline), and an overpronounced jaw/crossbite. I would like to consult a... READ MORE

How to shorten long face? (photos)

Hi. I have a question on how to shorten the length of my face. I have a large head, along with a narrow forehead. My jaw is also very long and narrow.... READ MORE

How can I reduce lower tooth show and increase upper tooth show? (photos)

I've previously had orthognathic surgery. I notice that when I talk and especially when opening mouth wider than my lower teeth show and my upper... READ MORE

Can both upper and lower arches be widened in orthoganthic surgery? (photo)

Both my bottom and top teeth slant outwards and I have a narrow smile. Can jaw surgery Woden the arches so my smile will be fuller and teeth will be... READ MORE

How can I fix my jaw asymmetry? (photos)

The right side of my jaw seems slightly more wider or bigger? More pronounced I guess. READ MORE

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