Uneven + Orthognathic Surgery

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How to fix an uneven jaw without surgery? (Photo)

I have an uneven jawline that really bothers me.. No one I talk to about it says it's noticeable but when I look in the mirror it's all I can see. My... READ MORE

My Face and My Jaw is So Uneven. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Please give me advice with how to fix my jaw.. when i open my mount wide and move my jaw from left to right, there's a rubbing of bone.. and it is so... READ MORE

Is There Any Solution for a Crooked Jawline? (photo)

The left side of my jaw is longer than the right. I feel I have no chin. the right side looks pointed as its small while the left side looks bulky.... READ MORE

I Have a Jawline Problem? (photo)

My right side feels bigger than the other, my dentist said it was the masseter muscle and that it was enlarged due to teeth grinding, but I am having... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven, do I need corrective jaw surgery? (photos)

My chin is slightly skewed and my left and right jaws are uneven. I've seen other people on the internet, I think mine is not as bad as what I've seen... READ MORE

Botox Injection for Uneven Masseter Muscles? How Many Units Do I Need? (photo)

Hi, I have never had any botox injections before so Im a little concerned. My face is a little bit assymetrical along the jawline. At first I thought... READ MORE

What can I have done to make my jaw even? (Photo)

I have noticed that when I smile, my jaw is very uneven and my smile is unacttractive for that reason. The picture I have posted is my natural smile... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven and I've been told I look like I'm mentally disabled. What can I do to fix my face? (Photo)

What can I do to fix my face please help. Also I live in Canada so would it be covered by our health care? READ MORE

What can I do for my long face and crooked jaw? (photos)

Hello! I have a very long face,crooked jaw,weird mouth shape and flat cheeks.I also have uneven cheeks.I am wearing lingual braces(i had 4 extractions... READ MORE

Jaw Implant on One Side? Can This Be Done?

My left jaw is good sticks out more, right does not and it does not extend all the way under my ear lobe as does my left, i would like one generic... READ MORE

My jaw bone is significantly bigger on on the left side. How can I fix this? (Photo)

I got braces almost exactly a year ago when my orthodontist showed me the X-rays of my mouth he pointed out how much bigger the left side of my jaw... READ MORE

Please help! My right jaw line seems larger than my left side.

Hi,three months ago, i noticed a swelling in my right side of my face, i ve gone to few doctors but no one seemed to think it s serious or even think... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Wisdom Teeth Removal (photos)

I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Before the procedure, I had a fairly symmetrical face (see the before picture). Immediately after the... READ MORE

My Left and Right Jawline Are Uneven? (photo)

I am a 19 year old male and my left and right jawline are not equal. The first picture, my neck is straight and orientated straight towards the camera... READ MORE

Face Asymmetry and Uneven Eyes. Will Fixing My Jaw/Bite Even Out My Eyes? (photo)

I have face asymmetry and left side of my face is more developed than the right side , im intending to undergo double jaw surgery to fix mid face... READ MORE

Why do I have an uneven jaw line after double jaw surgery? What is wrong with my mandible? (Photo)

I had double jaw surgery on August 25, 2014. The swelling in my face has gone down. Now the right side of my face sticks out and when i touch it I... READ MORE

My Jaw is Tilted to One Side. I Really Need Surgery?

It looks awful and i'm pretty sure surgery is the only answer as random people can notice my asymmetry but I have some doubts: - What is the... READ MORE

Jaw Bone Surgery? (photo)

Hi - please help. Basically my LFT side is far more sunken than the RT, which leads to many asymmetries. I think the main problem is that my jaw bone... READ MORE

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