Underbite + Orthognathic Surgery

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Should I let my lower jaw move back or my upper jaw move forward? (photo)

My surgeon said there were 2 options for correcting an underbite. Should I let my lower jaw move back or my upper jaw move forward? what's the... READ MORE

How Do You Correct an Underbite on a 6 Yr Old?

My son is 6 years old and has a slight underbite. His dentist has suggested extracting the top 4 teeth and 2 of the bottom teeth (he has already lost... READ MORE

Can an Underbite/deficient Upper Jaw Be Corrected in an Adult Without Surgery?

I had 2 upper premolars pulled as a child, and all wisdom teeth at 22. I now have a very narrow upper jaw which is 3mm behind my upper. I have... READ MORE

Any ideas on how to go about making it CLEAR to insurance it is medically necessary to get this surgery? (photo)

I have been denied about 4 times by insurance saying this isn't a covered benefit and then they go on about tmj. I don't have tmj. It is clearly... READ MORE

Do I need a lower jaw surgery or a double jaw surgery? (photo)

I would like a jaw surgery done to correct an underbite and protruding lower jaw. I have a long mid face too which may be corrected with jaw surgery.... READ MORE

Should I Seek a Second Opinion Regarding my Underbite? (photo)

I was went see an orthodontist and she said my underbite could have fix with braces when i was younger but now it can only be fix by jaw surgery... READ MORE

Dental Implants Before or After Orthognathic Surgery?

If you must have braces and orthognathic surgery to correct an underbite, and must have a dental implant for an unrelated reason, in which order would... READ MORE

From which age is it allowed to have an underbite surgery?

So i am sixteen and would love to ask can i have my underbite surgery when i am 16 or is there a must too wait untill you are 18-21 ? second question... READ MORE

Should I get underbite/ lowerbite correction surgery? (photos)

I have an underbite and it is (as you see in pictures) mild at least in my opinion, and when i went to an orthodontist at age 18-20 years, he said... READ MORE

Can I get Orthognathic surgery and a jaw shave reduction at the same time? (photos)

I have a protruding jaw. I don't have underbite anymore. Braces fixed that but my jaw still protrudes. I would like on a single lower jaw orthognathic... READ MORE

Can I Get Complications 5 Months After a Le Forte 1 Osteotemy?

In May 2012, I had surgery to correct my under bite (Le Forte 1 Osteotemy). I took all extra precautions and made sure I didn't eat anything that... READ MORE

Is Orthognathic Surgery What I Need to Help with my Extended Jaw? (photo)

The pictures I have here don't really show how unattractive this can be. I've been so adamant to deleting any profile pics of me that there are none... READ MORE

Double Jaw Surgery in South Korea? (Photo)

Hello, I am researching about getting my underbite fixed at ID Hospital in South Korea. I see them do extreme makeovers on a TV show with very... READ MORE

If I get a underbite surgery will that make my tinnitus go away? and if so how much would it cost?

I have a bit of a underbite that isn't noticeable looking at me, no protruding chin, only when I smile it seem a little off which does make me self... READ MORE

Protruding Jaw Line with Severe Under Bite? (photo)

I have a long chin and my side profile really illustrates that point. Since I was a young man, I have wanted to address this issue. Is this a dental... READ MORE

Do I Need Jaw Surgery to Correct my Underbite?

I have an overbite. It is not so obvious but when I smile my upper teeth do overtake most my smile. I find it uncomfortable to chew certain foods... READ MORE

Underbite Surgery Without Braces?

From what i understood the patient needs to have braces for a few years before the surgery. If i'm not wrong it's in order to align the top and bottom... READ MORE

Do I Need Underbite Surgery? I Have a Class III Underbite but Could I Just Get "Camouflage" Orthodontic Treatment? (photo)

I have a Class III underbite and have been having consultations with an NHS hospital who have suggested braces then surgery as it is a skeletal issue.... READ MORE

Skeletal Advancement of the Midface. I Have An Underbite; Dr Says I Need Correction of Midface?

I have an underbite that is 4-5 mm, but it looks much bigger than that when you look at my profile since my midface is underdeveloped. I have been... READ MORE

Is Underbite Surgery Scary?

I really don't like the fact being put to sleep, but If I want it done I'm gonna have too. But all this stuff I here about the problems after... READ MORE

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