Timing + Orthognathic Surgery

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Recovery Time for Immediate Temporization Type Dental Implant

How much recovery time for extraction, implant, bone graft (cadaver) and a few stitches? No flap made. I am on day 3 and still have headache and... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces Now and Do Corrective Jaw Surgery Later?

When I visted a dentist to get braces on he told me that I need to do the corrective jaw surgery which is supposed to be done after age of 18(once... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait after a corrective jaw surgery before I should water ski again?

Hi, I had a corrective jaw surgery two and a half months ago and am planning a water skiing trip this weekend. Is my bone healed enough yet for an... READ MORE

Orthognatic surgery or cheek implants and orbital rim implants first?

Hi doctors. I had a consultation with both a maxillo facial surgeon and an oculoplastic surgeon. I agreed with the first that i needed to get my upper... READ MORE

Cheek implants - before or after orthognathic surgery?

I'm having orthognathic surgery to correct my overbite/overjet and recessed chin in 9-12 months. Is there any practical or aesthetic reason to put off... READ MORE

Tilted Jaw Realignment Surgery & Eyes Post Rhinoplasty?

My friend has been told her smile is kind of wonky, so she went to the dentist who said her upper jaw is tilted to the left and needs to see a facial... READ MORE

Is Venlay better or equivalent to jaw/orthognathic surgery? Pros vs cons?

I am 34 m have a 1 cm overbite and am currently in braces getting my teeth aligned before jaw surgery. I came across the venlay procedure. This is a... READ MORE

Jaw Augmentation or Braces First?

I have been looking to get my jaw augmented for years now. However, if i needed braces for minor adjustments, would you suggest that I get the braces... READ MORE

How long would I have to wait to get underbite surgery? (Photo)

I know all cases are difference but could someone possibly make an estimate from the pictures? I really don't wanna have to wait a year to get jaw... READ MORE

How long will I need braces for jaw surgery and what type of surgery do I need?

I had my braces taken out about 7 years ago. I had an underbite but braces fixed that- kind of! They mostly just made my teeth lean back, I haven't... READ MORE

Jaw surgery after Brazilian butt lift or before?

I possibly might have surgery on my jaw which may result in wiring shut my question is will this affect the fat in my butt after Brazilian butt lift... READ MORE

Should I get jaw surgery or a nose job first? (Photo)

My orthodontist has told me I need jaw surgery due to my boarder line underbite. They have told me they would also need to bring my front teeth back... READ MORE

What kind of jaw surgery would be ideal? What would be best scenario w/ least amount of time in braces in order to? (photo)

I would like to get some opinions about what option I have available for fixing the laigmnets of my jaws. I am reasonably certain that my upper jaw is... READ MORE

Can a person have lefort 1 with BSSO first, then have braces put on after?

I just found out my insurance company which as approved my lefort and bsso surgery will lapse in 4/2018. I wont have braces put on until July 1 2017.... READ MORE

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