Swelling + Orthognathic Surgery

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Can I Expect my Nose Shape to Change As It Heals After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am 4 weeks post op from having rhinoplasty and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery). The jaw surgery was for medical reasons, and surgeon told me... READ MORE

Just Had Orthognathic Surgery, Swelling in Lower Lip is Still Very Bad, When Will That Subside?

3 weeks post op I have no feeling in half my face, and even the top of my face feels a little numb, my lower lip is still huge and swelling... READ MORE

Do I need implants after orthognatic surgery to correct facial asymmetry? Or is it just "swelling"? (photos)

17 days ago I went through double jaw surgery with splitting of upper jaw. I can see that my has become more asymmetrical than before. My surgeon and... READ MORE

Please help! My right jaw line seems larger than my left side.

Hi,three months ago, i noticed a swelling in my right side of my face, i ve gone to few doctors but no one seemed to think it s serious or even think... READ MORE

I Had Surgery to Fix a Broken Jaw 2yrs Ago Now I Have Severe Pair and Swelling in the Area of the Fractures. What is Wrong?

There was a big drop in temperature when this started 4 days ago. Acetaminophen is the only thing that helps ease the pain. I haven't had any... READ MORE

Could Orthognathic Swelling Be the Reason my Rhinoplasty is Looking This Way? (photo)

I had upper jaw surg. and rhino/septoplasty together 25 days ago. I posted a question earlier, but didn't mention the lefort 1 surgery. I had cranial... READ MORE

Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Be the Cause of my Lower Jaw Swelling? I Did a Panoramic Xray and the Lower Wisdom Teeth is Still Bone

Can impacted wisdom teeth be the cause of my lower jaw swelling? I did a panoramic xray and the lower wisdom teeth is still bone READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Jaw Augmentation/ Chin Implant, or BOTH? Can I achieve a jawline like the one in the pictures? (photo)

How much would a Jaw Augmentation cost VS Chin Implants, and what is recovery like? Swelling, Discolouration, also i am African american and am scared... READ MORE

Why do I have an uneven jaw line after double jaw surgery? What is wrong with my mandible? (Photo)

I had double jaw surgery on August 25, 2014. The swelling in my face has gone down. Now the right side of my face sticks out and when i touch it I... READ MORE

Orthographic Jaw Surgery and Swelling?

Hi there, I had orthographic surgery 18 months ago. It moved my top jaw forward and bottom jaw behind. After this my nose has somewhat had a wider... READ MORE

I still have no tooth show 2 weeks after Le Fort I. Should I request a revision surgery soon? (Photo)

I had Le Fort I 2 weeks ago to move the maxilla forward 5mm and down 5mm, no bone graft. 2 weeks post op, I'd say I only have about 15%-20% swelling... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Maxillo Facial Operation, Transplanting Titanium Jaw on the Right Side of Face? (photo)

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Maxillo Facial Operation , Transplanting Titanium Jaw on the Right Side of Face? READ MORE

I Have a Swelling Near to Angle of Mandible, I Want to Know is This Related to Parotid or to Tooth? (photo)

My wisdom tooth is free from caries but it rotated I do not know are that periodontal abscess or I take infection of mumps when I dealing with... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant Problem. Overlap Chin Implant, Fixed, Now Swelling. (photo)

Had a jaw augmentation(Lateral angle type).However on the right side the Jaw angle implant was overlapping the chin implant.Over time the wing part of... READ MORE

Excess Skin After Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I had a surgery/BSSO (one jaw only) three weeks ago to correct my protruding lower jaw. Swelling has gone down a lot but I noticed the contour between... READ MORE

Jaw surgery (Upper jaw moved forward, bottom jaw moved back)?

Hi, I had jaw surgery a year and month ago..My doctor said to me that it will take months for swelling go down but it been that long and my cheeks are... READ MORE

Any thoughts on how to remedy hearing loss and sinus congestion after double jaw surgery?

I recently had orthognathic surgery in March 2014. The technical name for the procedure was a "Lefort I segmental and bilateral saggital split... READ MORE

Paralyzed right lower lip & chin from surgery to shave excess bone which was left out after jaw surgery. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had double jaw surgery in August 2014. After the jaw surgery the surgeon realized that there was about 8-9mm of bone sticking out from the right... READ MORE

Can You Take Medrol in Order to Reduce Swelling After 5 Days of Post-surgery? I Had a Jaw Reduction.

Can You Take Medrol in Order to Reduce Swelling After 5 Days of Post-surgery? I Had a Jaw Reduction. READ MORE

What to Do About a Right Side Maxillary Protrusion/swelling Along with Rigth Side Jaw Pain/swelling?

I hit my right side lower jaw/chin bottom first onto a wooden table on April 2012. My doctor requested i get a xray of facial bones, for anything... READ MORE

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