Sunken + Orthognathic Surgery

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Long Face Syndrome Remains After Orthognathic Surgery, Can my Face Be Shortened?

My face is slightly longer due to the 4mm genio and rotation of mandible. Lower moved forward 14mm upper moved 9mm. How can my face be shortened? My... READ MORE

Do I need lower jaw surgery or double jaw surgery?? (photos)

My surgeon says that lower jaw surgery will fix my function issues and that my upper jaw is in a good place. But I am very unhappy with my gummy smile... READ MORE

Re-opening Upper Bicuspids Extraction Spaces/sunk in Profile Because of Orthodontist? (photo)

I went to the orthodontist at 18 and had my xrays done. The doctors discovered i had a class 3 overbite, the doctor asked me if i would like to remove... READ MORE

Is Jaw Surgery Recommend for a Case Such As Mine? (photo)

Hello. I am looking into bi-maxillary jaw surgery. I have a sunken mid-face, the skin from my nose to lip is sloped backwards, seemingly no upper lip,... READ MORE

What would cause one cheek to be sunken in/pulling in/flat under the cheekbone after jaw surgery?

One cheek looks normal and one looks gaunt. I had lower jaw surgery several months ago and the screws were inserted into my ramus. What are... READ MORE

My top jaw is very narrow and kind of makes my mouth look sunken in and narrow compared to the rest of my face. What could help?

My top jaw is narrow and makes my mouth look too small and until I get an orthodontic plate to permanently fix this id like to know what there is to... READ MORE

Seeking facial symmetry, do I need jaw surgery? (photos)

My left side looks developed and how I'm "supposed" to look and my right side looks very distorted. My jaw is larger, my cheeks are sunken in, my nose... READ MORE

How long after Radiesse in tear troughs should you wait before upper jaw surgery?

I am considering upper jaw surgery (and lower) and am getting radiesse to fill in sunkeness in my tear trough area after losing weight. I was... READ MORE

Flat maxilla, underbite. What are my options?

I have a square jaw with something of my underbite. When I smile my lower lip juts out and my top lip is sucked inward. I have midface hypoplasia and... READ MORE

Was my lower jaw surgery for underbite done while my teeth were ready (in their right position)?

23 yearsold had surgery October and was looking at some pictures when I noticed that in some older pictures I had a worse bite than when I went in for... READ MORE

What should I do about asymmetrical jaw? (Photos)

I've noticed one side of my face has a nice jaw line and the other seems to be sunken in and not very prominent. I am curious if I can fix it with jaw... READ MORE

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