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Awkward Smile- Is my Mouth Too Small? Will Corrective Jaw Surgery Fix This?

I was told to get braces but got bonding instead to fill in spaces. I got them done Oct 5th, 2005 at (I'm now 20). My smile is really awkward,... READ MORE

My jaw is small and weak. I am wonder what are my options if I want to change it? (Photo)

I always feel there are excess fat in my chin, but then I realize my jaw is just really small. Please help me find out what I can do. Thanks for your time READ MORE

What surgery to create a better profile/chin/jawline? (photos)

I recently had my first consultation and the doctor said I would need a small chin implant & lipo but I don't know if those are the total results... READ MORE

Can I have orthognathic surgery to correct small jaw if I have corrected bite with removal of upper teeth and braces? (Photo)

I have a very small jaw and am not confident with success of implants or genioplasty. I originally had an overjet of 9mm & had braces, 2 upper... READ MORE

Will jaw surgery help me with my bite even though I'm already 26? Will Ohio Medicaid cover it? (photos)

I just found out there is a surgery to correct my very very small chin/recessed lower jaw. Is there any point in getting the surgery now that I'm... READ MORE

How to get Jaw Surgery approved or any other options for my jaw? (photos)

30 years. Have applying for jaw surgery two times but got denied. Do you have any advice what I can do? I have removed to teeth in my upper jaw and... READ MORE

Does Orthognathic surgery distort facial proportions like distance between nose and lips?

I'm having my maxilla repositioned inferiorly about 3mm as I have very minimal upper teeth show even when fully smiling.Will it make the distance... READ MORE

I have a small/underdeveloped lower jaw and probably my teeth in the upper jaw are also proclined. Any helpful surgery? (photo)

I'm actually very unhappy and insecure about how my face looks. I've done a lot of research. IMDO profilo surgical seems to be the perfect cure. But i... READ MORE

What are the risks of the kind of two jaws surgery shown in the picture below? Does it often result in sagging? (photos)

I wish to have a 'small face', and to achieve that I think I would need to undergo this two jaws surgery. But the procedure doesn't look common, thus... READ MORE

Do I need orthognathic surgery? I have an overbite. (Photos)

Hey. i have been wondering several years that do i need orthognathic surgery? my lower jaw is very small and far back. my upper teeth are out of the... READ MORE

Can I have Orthognathic surgery if my bite is fine?

My bite is fine, but my chin/jaw is really small and ugly. Can I have entirely cosmetic orthognathic surgery? READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery: braces, sliding genioplasty, facelift dentistry, and/or veneers for deep overbite and small jaw?

From some angles I like my face but my deep overbite and side profile bother me - and now it may be a medical concern as well since my bottom teeth... READ MORE

How would you have treated me for my severe crossbite? Do you recommend me getting orthodontic treatment again?

I had 4 molars removed. 2 upper and 2 lower molars removed. Though according to my orthodontist my crossbite was severe, I never received a palatal... READ MORE

Will any insurance plans in the state of Texas cover surgery for my underbite? (Photo)

So I've been living with my misaligned jaw for some time and now that I realize how much it impedes me of simple tasks like eating and communicating I... READ MORE

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