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Long Face Syndrome Remains After Orthognathic Surgery, Can my Face Be Shortened?

My face is slightly longer due to the 4mm genio and rotation of mandible. Lower moved forward 14mm upper moved 9mm. How can my face be shortened? My... READ MORE

I look old because my midface & lower face are too long. Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw?

Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw and alveolar region for cosmetic reasons? Also my nose, can bone removal... READ MORE

What Procedure with Underbite Surgery Can Give a Rounder Shorter Face?

I am getting looked at for underbite surgery and I know sometimes people get genioplasty with underbite surgery to even out the face, but I heard it... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery: are my expectations realistic? (Photo)

I have a weak chin, asymmetric jaw and a long flat face with no jaw definition. Would it be possible to 1) shorten the midface? 2) move the upper and... READ MORE

Would jaw surgery/chin reduction help shorten my long face? 25 years old (Photo)

Hello! I was wondering if jaw surgery (among other procedures) might help me shorten my long face? I feel that my chin is especially long and it makes... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a Jaw surgery to shorten face? (photos)

I have a jaw that makes my face appear very long, in addition it protrudes outwards (past the point where braces can fix it). My question is, is it... READ MORE

How to shorten long face? (photos)

Hi. I have a question on how to shorten the length of my face. I have a large head, along with a narrow forehead. My jaw is also very long and narrow.... READ MORE

Can both upper and lower arches be widened in orthoganthic surgery? (photo)

Both my bottom and top teeth slant outwards and I have a narrow smile. Can jaw surgery Woden the arches so my smile will be fuller and teeth will be... READ MORE

Do I need my jaw shortened? (Photo)

I feel that my jaw is very long and would like it to be shorter, my orthodontist has said that i have an underbite but it is only minor, I would need... READ MORE

Can I get a second jaw surgery to make my jaw short?

I got a double jaw surgery a year ago but didn't like how my jaw still pretty big I have a perfect bite now but I always had low self esteem about how... READ MORE

What will help my long chin look shorter and deep mentolabial fold look better? (Photos)

Do you think orthognathic jaw surgery could help? What kind of surgeries are recommended for this problem? READ MORE

Is it necessary to have an issue with your jaw in order to qualify for jaw surgery?

I would like to get jaw surgery for purely aesthetically reasons. I would like to shorter the length of my face and reduce the width of my jawline. Is... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery: Does upper jaw surgery correct a gummy smile and make the face shorter?

I have a gummy smile. I understood that if I want to correct it, I need to have an upper jaw surgery (5 mm upwards +). I guess it called Maxilla. Does... READ MORE

What kind of surgery do I need to do to fix my underbite? (photos)

I went to a 2 doctors and both told me that I need to do a surgery due to my underbite, but both told me different things. One told me that I need to... READ MORE

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