Recovery + Orthognathic Surgery

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How much does sliding genioplasty cost, and would insurance cover any of it? Also what is the recovery time? (Photo)

I'm looking on getting this surgery this summer. I am a dancer and am wondering how long I would have to sit out of physical activity. I am very... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery or chin implant? (photos)

I have a very recessed jawline, along with a huge overbite + openbite. I am a 18 year old male. Originally I was set on having jaw surgery, but... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Immediate Temporization Type Dental Implant

How much recovery time for extraction, implant, bone graft (cadaver) and a few stitches? No flap made. I am on day 3 and still have headache and... READ MORE

Correcting Facial Asymmetry? (photo)

I've struggled with facial asymmetry since my teenage years. I was told by my orthodontist at age 16 to undergo Orthognathic Surgery to correct my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Jaw Augmentation/ Chin Implant, or BOTH? Can I achieve a jawline like the one in the pictures? (photo)

How much would a Jaw Augmentation cost VS Chin Implants, and what is recovery like? Swelling, Discolouration, also i am African american and am scared... READ MORE

What is orthognatic surgery recovery like? I want a less option like chin implant & liposuction w/ Rhinoplasty/fillers? (photo)

Hello I was told I needed orthognatic surgery I am very scared. I wanted to know if rhinoplasty with large chin implant over the bone plus liposuction... READ MORE

Mouth Protrusion Correction: Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) Vs. Two-jaw Surgery? (photo)

My primary concern for which I am seeking surgical correction is mouth protrusion. My bite is normal, but I am displeased with my facial aesthetic,... READ MORE

Lower Jaw Advancement Surgery. What is Normal Hospital Stay? Is 7mm Advancement Enough? (photo)

Hi am 22, am getting a lower jaw advan of 7m.m in length and my surgery is about 4hrs. so how long do i have to stay in hospital 1day.?? 2day... READ MORE

Complete numbness of right lower lip/chin/gum/teeth after double jaw surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had double jaw surgery in August of 2014. Since the surgery my lower right lip/chin/teeth/gum have been numb. The numbness to the other parts of my... READ MORE

Is Underbite Surgery Scary?

I really don't like the fact being put to sleep, but If I want it done I'm gonna have too. But all this stuff I here about the problems after... READ MORE

How long does the treatment for recovery of a lefort 1 osteotomy with a 3 piece expansion take?

I am a 36 year old mother of 3. so I want to do the surgery in winter break but i am concerned with the recovery part. READ MORE

Would I benefit from Orthognathic surgery? (Photo)

I was told that I had a mild form of micrognathia when I was younger but was too afraid of the surgery it entailed so I opted for a chin implant.... READ MORE

Is there any less invasive way to jaw surgery? (Not looking for veneers)

Hi Doctors..I have a class-3 underbite,protruding jaw which is just so embarrassing for me to look at from side profile..I want to ask if there is any... READ MORE

1 month post op Jaw surgery & Laser Lipo on neck and chin. I'm still swollen. Is this normal?

Hi there Doctors, I had jaw reduction surgery and laserlipo on the neck and chin. It's been a month already but I'm still swollen, is this normal. I... READ MORE

How bad is the jaw implant recovery process?

I am thinking about having jaw angle implants and I want to know more about the recovery process. What sort of dressings should I expect after... READ MORE

Nutrition Advice Post Orthognathic Surgery?

During this period of time, all nutrition must be consumed in liquid form. May I consume hi-performance whey protein isolate, usually used for... READ MORE

Would collagen supplements help with jaw surgery recovery?

I am having double jaw surgery this year to correct a severe underbite. I am putting together a list of all the things I'll need. I was wondering,... READ MORE

Underbite vs overbite surgery: recovery period and risks? (Photo)

Hi, I've been reading and watching videos about bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (BSSO) because I need it to correct my protruding jaw (underbite).... READ MORE

Risks of genioplasty, expected recovery... is genioplasty a good option? Had rhino consult but was advised against the procedure

To be brief: This is my first post. I am unhappy with my profile! A family friend is a top maxillofacial surgeon in my area. I've met with him and... READ MORE

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