Palate Expander + Orthognathic Surgery

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Is There a Palate Expander That Can Expand Only One Side of Your Palate? (photo)

When I was younger I slept on my face in a way that put a lot pressure on my left side jaw and temple. It gave me a crossbite which was treated with a... READ MORE

Receding chin, slight overbite and TMJ for the last 15 years. Functional orthodontics, jaw surgery or what? (Photo)

I'm 31. I had braces and a palette expander from 10-13. I had a normal chin but once the dental work started I can see in pictures that my chin... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a chin implant or orthognathic surgery? (photo)

My dentist and orthodontist say otherwise, that i look fine. i had rethrognatism class II, which i've been treating for the past 4 years with braces,... READ MORE

Palate Expander or Upper Jaw Surgery or other options? (Photo)

My 17 year old son who has Autism has bite issues. Orthodontist - his upper jaw was too small & too old for the expander to work. Oral surgeon. After... READ MORE

Is it possible to expand the palate during two jaw surgery?

Is it possible to expand the palate (like the S.A.R.P.E.) and have the two jaw surgery at the same time? This would be in a case such as the surgery... READ MORE

Would corrective jaw surgery be a good idea for me to get?

I have a very large overbite. As a child, I went to the orthodontist who first started me out on a retainer, then a palette expander & then braces... READ MORE

Palate Expander Widen Nose?

We are considering orthodontic treament for my 13 yr. old daughter. She has straight teeth but an overbite which is hardly visible. We consulted... READ MORE

Unilateral Crossbite with a Functional Shift in Adults? (photo)

I'm 31 and have what I believe to be a unilateral posterior crossbite with a functional shift to the right. I'm wondering if I could correct these... READ MORE

SARPE for my Buccal Corridors? (photo)

I do not have a medical need for SARPE but a PS told me that I should look into it to get rid of my buccal corridors and get a wider smile. But one... READ MORE

Palatal Expansion, Facial Changes?

Hi I need to get my upper jaw expanded, there will be placed a smile distractor on my palate and needs to be screwed open every day for about 10 days,... READ MORE

How Will my Slightly Close-set Eyes Look After Expanding the Upper Jaw?

Hi I am going to undergo a surgery for expanding my upper jaw by a palatal expander. I have slightly close-set eyes, will my eyes look more close-set... READ MORE

Serious self-esteem issues following double jaw surgery, genioplasty, and palate expansion. What can I do? (photos)

It has been 6 months since my surgery. My migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, and finger numbness are gone. I can bite into an apple. My teeth are... READ MORE

How Far Can the Lower and Upper Teeth Palates Be Widened. I Would Like to Get Jaw Implants but Only if my Teeth Match?

I have craniosynostosis and it's made my face extremely narrow. I've noticed that people with bigger jaws also have longer jaws measured from the ear... READ MORE

My son is almost 16 now , will the palate expander be successful with him ? (Photo)

My son is almost 16 and he has crossbite , will orthodontics methods be successful alone or is it a must to be in conjunction with a surgery ? And if... READ MORE

How long does it take for all of the swelling to completely go down after upper jaw surgery? (SARPE)

I had upper Jaw surgery 5 months ago (Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) and my cheek area and nose is still swollen, how long does it take... READ MORE

What does a palate expansion really do?

Im looking to widen my face. because of thumb sucking and mouth breathing, my jaw is very long. Ive been thinking about getting a palate expander or... READ MORE

Does palatal expansion bring the maxilla forwards?

I'm considering getting a SPE because my palate is a little bit too narrow. Will expansion bring the maxilla forwards or just make the palate wider?... READ MORE

Palatal expansion after orthognathic surgery

Hi i had a upper jaw surgery advancement of 6 mm and an expansion. i have post surgery braces and a removable palatal expansion. my teeth are doing... READ MORE

Will a TAD palatal expander work on a 24 year old male?

I am 22 year old student, and I just recently visited my orthodontist and he that my upper jaw is back, therefore I can expand it with maybe a TAD(... READ MORE

Would I benefit from adult palate expansion?

I believe I have a narrow palate, and I'm interested in becoming more physically attractive. Would I benefit from palatal expansion? I am 21 years old. READ MORE

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