Masseter + Orthognathic Surgery

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Botox Injection for Uneven Masseter Muscles? How Many Units Do I Need? (photo)

Hi, I have never had any botox injections before so Im a little concerned. My face is a little bit assymetrical along the jawline. At first I thought... READ MORE

Chronic masseters pain and asymmetry after double jaw surgery. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had a double jaw surgery two years ago. I have now chronic masseters pain and the one year ago scan did not reveal any ATM issues. Neither... READ MORE

I Have Facial Asymmetry with Swollen Massetter and Facial Pain Jaws Misaligmed What Do I Do? (photo)

Over the past year and maybe longer my jaw discomfort and asymmetry has been getting worse jaw clicks and pops out of place all the time. Mass setter... READ MORE

Why Dont More Doctors Perform V-line Jaw Reduction/masseter Muscle Reduction Other Than in South K?

I've been getting botox for my jaw with amazing results (i.e. slimming the face down completely). However, I'm looking for a permanent method and I... READ MORE

Is High Frequency Masseter Reduction Permanent? Is It Safe? Which Clinic Does It? Is This Available in India? Average Cost?

I chewed gum and clinched my teeth hard with bed sheet for bit square face but after some days of repetative practice i identified visible change in... READ MORE

Would jawbone reduction surgery leave me with facial sagging?

I am looking into getting jawbone reduction surgery because not only do i have very bulky masseter muscles but my jawbone itself is huge. I had botox... READ MORE

I have a cross bite and facial asymmetry, with TMJ pain mostly on the right side of my face. What can I do? (Photo)

I have dealt with the pain and increase in masseter by getting botox injections a few times now - but usually after 6-8 months, the pain comes back... READ MORE

I need to find a Dr. that does radio frequency masseter reduction? (Photos)

I have tried Botox and dysport and it worked for about a year after that I created resistance. READ MORE

Are masseter injections a good option for hypertrophy post orthognathic surgery? (photo)

I had corrective jaw surgery over a year and a half ago, to bad result. My face has lost its delicacy. A large part of this is due to nasal collapse,... READ MORE

Masseter muscle surgery pros and cons? 1) Will muscle rebound to the ori size after the surgery if I still grind my teeth?

2) Is there difficulties in chewing/nerves damage/saggy facial appearance? I have a hypertrophic masséter muscle, partly due to genetic & teeth ... READ MORE

Deviated jaw after zygomatic bone reposition (osteotomy) 3 months ago. What can I do? I have MRI + CBCT

I can't find help. Something is wrong. My masseter muscle looks strange when I open my mouth, The jaw is constantly deviated, what damages my TM... READ MORE

How do ik if it's my masseter muscle or fat pads that are big ?

Hi I would like my face less squared or what eva shape face I gots but how do ik if it's my masseter muscle or not. READ MORE

Jaw masseter help required. (photos)

I started chewing gum to make my face more square and im a primary right side chewer. My right masseter has gotteb bigger than my left masseter. I... READ MORE

If I correct my deep bite, will it reduce my masseter muscle? (Photo)

I hate my round face shape. Some doctor said it's because of deep bite. What is the root cause? Please suggest me some solutions to this. Thank you in... READ MORE

How long does jawline reduction surgery take to recover from before you see the final result?

I had jawline reduction surgery 13 days ago, I had only my masseter muscle reduced (no bone). The surgery went well and the doctor assured me that he... READ MORE

Would I benefit from masseter reduction botox? (Photos)

I have a really chubby face that I would love to slim down. I've discovered jaw reduction though botox to the masseter, could someone tell me whether... READ MORE

Can I reduce the Masseter Muscle if I stop clenching my jaw?

Due to an uneven bite, I have been mainly chewing on one side. There is also daytime and nighttime Bruxism. I am now noticing Masseter enlargement on... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Jaw / chin surgery?

With this type of surgery - burring and contouring the bone, is it necessary to have the masseter muscle and soft tissue reduced at the same time?... READ MORE

Can a deep bite cause hard masseter muscles? (Photos)

I was told that deep bite being the reason why masseter muscle is hard. Is it true? How is its treatment? Can double jaw surgery solve that problem?... READ MORE

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