Long Face + Orthognathic Surgery

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Is my jaw too long? Or is my face too narrow? I do not know what it is about my jaw/chin but I absolutely hate it. (photo)

My face is much more pleasing looking when I smile. But I seriously hate pictures and feel as though I look like a man. Should I consider re... READ MORE

Long Face Syndrome Remains After Orthognathic Surgery, Can my Face Be Shortened?

My face is slightly longer due to the 4mm genio and rotation of mandible. Lower moved forward 14mm upper moved 9mm. How can my face be shortened? My... READ MORE

Jaw Reduction, Facial Asymmetry, Long Face? (photo)

I am a 23 year old female, and I have been deeply dissatisfied with my face since the age of 6 or so. Maturing into my "adult face" has only made... READ MORE

What can I do for my long face and crooked jaw? (photos)

Hello! I have a very long face,crooked jaw,weird mouth shape and flat cheeks.I also have uneven cheeks.I am wearing lingual braces(i had 4 extractions... READ MORE

I look old because my midface & lower face are too long. Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw?

Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw and alveolar region for cosmetic reasons? Also my nose, can bone removal... READ MORE

I want to reduce lower facial height 1/2 inch. Is this possible through surgery? (photos)

Is this possible through surgery? Is there a way to reduce the lower third of my face? My lower third is 2.9 inches, and should be 2.5-2... READ MORE

Can I reverse lower jaw surgery for an open bite if I cannot live with the aesthetic results? Face looks long, gaunt, masculine

Last year I had lower jaw surgery and genioplasty for a class 2 anterior open bite. It made my face look really long, and my chin looked completely... READ MORE

Reconstruct my jawline? (Photo)

I was wondering if there was a way I could fix my jawline, my jawline is very different to most people (my opinion). It makes my face look really long... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old with an uneven bite/jawline, and a long, asymmetrical face: What can I do to fix it? (photo)

I currently suffer from TMJ, crooked teeth, and a misaligned bite. From what I understand, after I go about having my bite fixed, the next... READ MORE

Does LeFort1 maxillary impaction (maxilla upwards repositioning) reduce middle facial third length in the slightest?

If maxilla is moved upward and forward, does nasal base move up and is nasal length reduced a little bit? I am about to undergo bimax orthognathic... READ MORE

Do I have long face syndrome? (photo)

Due to allergies, I've done a fair bit of mouth breathing over the past couple years, and last night, I read some of the detrimental effects mouth... READ MORE

Am I a Potential Candidate for Surgery to Fix Upper Maxillary Excess? (photo)

I have a long midface, which bothers me greatly. I hope to find a procedure to shorten it. My question is, is it possible to achieve results like in... READ MORE

Lefort 3 to fix a long mid face?

Hello, I have a very long mid face and nose. I would like to know if a Lefort 3 procedure is the best way to get a shorter face. Because of my long... READ MORE

Do I Need Orthognathic Surgery or Could I Get Better with Cheek And/or Jaw Implants or Injections? (photo)

I´m 31 and twice, at 9 and at 26 got orthodontic treatment, last with a palatal expansion (non surgical) .Though I got better, orthodontics did not ... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a Jaw surgery to shorten face? (photos)

I have a jaw that makes my face appear very long, in addition it protrudes outwards (past the point where braces can fix it). My question is, is it... READ MORE

17 year old male suffering with long face syndrome? How can I correct it? (photos)

Sir, also i have habit to keep my mouth open at all time if i am not conscious about it then i can't keep my moth close.. READ MORE

Will a mandibular advancement help with my long face syndrome?

Hi, I am currently in braces. I am unhappy with my appearance because I have developed long face syndrome now that the spaces from extractions are... READ MORE

Lower jaw problems and susceptible Long Face Syndrome, what can be achieved through lower jaw surgery apart from fixing my bite?

16 soon to be 17yro female with pre existing overbite as now made worse by the extraction of 4 teeth that were pulled before getting my braces of... READ MORE

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