Long + Orthognathic Surgery

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I Am a 22 Year Old with Long Face Syndrome What Should I Do to Gain Face Width? (photo)

Hello, I have a very thin face due to years of mouth breathing and and just being constantly slack jawed. This has caused my face to look extremely... READ MORE

Do I need a lower jaw surgery or a double jaw surgery? (photo)

I would like a jaw surgery done to correct an underbite and protruding lower jaw. I have a long mid face too which may be corrected with jaw surgery.... READ MORE

I Have a Long Thin Face Are There Any Cosmetic Procedures to Make my Face Drastically Shorter? (photo)

I was just curious and I have a very long jaw line and my chin juts out quite some and my forehead is medium large in size and my nose is a little bit... READ MORE

Am I now too old for Jaw correction Surgery? (photos)

I was told when I was about 15 that I could have surgery to correct my Jaw as one side was longer than the other, i felt it wasn't needed but I'm now... READ MORE

How do I fix a STEEP long jaw/gonial angle? Can I get a horizontal jaw angle? What would you do? (photos)

My maxillofacial surgeon wants to do a maxillary impaction & move both the upper and lower jaw forward, plus perform a sliding genioplasty. My... READ MORE

Why is my lower jaw protruding, and my chin long? (Photo)

I ask this because i bullied even im young until now im 26 years old. why i feel pain in upper portion of my jaw but side part of it..and its do... READ MORE

Possible to move both jaws forward?

As a kid, I received orthodontic treatment with braces and rubber bands where they moved my maxilla backwards to meet my recessed mandible, rather... READ MORE

I'd like double jaw surgery for overbite, maxillary impaction, BSSO/sliding genio, but I have a long chin. Will it help? (Photo)

...that's also squared and wide (which gets even worse when I smile). Could I have the chin (or whole jaw, if needed) sculpted in order to make it... READ MORE

Protruding Jaw Line with Severe Under Bite? (photo)

I have a long chin and my side profile really illustrates that point. Since I was a young man, I have wanted to address this issue. Is this a dental... READ MORE

Is there a facial surgery to fix alveolar prognathism? (photo)

When you look at my face from the side, it is very long. This is not me in the picture (obviously), but face is kind of like hers from the side. Is... READ MORE

Which surgeon would be the best person to go to for sculpting of the jaw with fillers or fat?

Hi, I had a v line jaw surgery in Korea which was overresected. The chin is too long and pointy for my face. I guess there is no implant option to try... READ MORE

Would lowering the top jaw bone make my face longer and change the shape? Would the position of nose and eyes change too?(photo)

My mouth looks hollow and makes me look old!! I have nice teeth ... I don't want to ruin them with veneers. I am considering lowering the top jaw bone... READ MORE

Is it possible to make your jaw line oval but sharp when you have a square face?

I don't want it to be any smaller cuz then it will be to small for my head. mabey it could be longer READ MORE

I'm 18 years old. Can I get surgery now? (photos)

My chin is off the centre, almost as if the longer jaw grew so that it pushed my chin to one side. Whenever I yawn, chew, or open my mouth wide, my... READ MORE

Would lower jaw surgery make my face extremely long? (photos)

I was told by my orthodontist that the oral surgeon would be advancing my lower jaw forward to get rid of my overbite, however I don't think that's... READ MORE

What will change after my surgery for maxillary retrusion?

I have always had an underbite and a somewhat long midface. It's bothered me ever since my childhood, and I am finally having corrective surgery at... READ MORE

By only moving my lower jaw forward, would that correct my very problematic overbite? (photos)

I recently had braces placed on Tuesday, and I was told via my orthodontist that the surgeon would advance my lower jaw forward. However I don't think... READ MORE

Genioplasty and jaw surgery (Photos)

Hi doctor! I had an underbite which after consultation with maxilofacial surgeon suggested that I should go for a genioplasty and subapical osteotomy.... READ MORE

Jaw surgery after camouflage treatment? (photos)

I have done a camouflage treatment for underbite but i don't like the result my face is longer than before but my teeth line up perfectley , can a... READ MORE

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