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When Do Jaws Stop Growing?

My niece always complains about her jaw clicking. Is this because of the growing plates? (she's 14) One side of her jaw is wider than the other. The... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Orthognathic Surgery for Receded Chin?

I have noticed my chin is receded in pictures so I started looking into a slight chin implant. The more look into it, it has dawned on me that this... READ MORE

Aligning Teeth Before Orthognathic Surgery with Invisalign or Braces?

I'm deeply considering orthognathic surgery, however from what I understand braces are required to align the teeth before surgery. My question is... READ MORE

Invisalign Instead of Orthognathic Surgery?

I had metal braces as a teen, along with: headgear (that I didn't wear enough) to move my top jaw forward and an expander on my top jaw. My lower... READ MORE

My Face and My Jaw is So Uneven. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Please give me advice with how to fix my jaw.. when i open my mount wide and move my jaw from left to right, there's a rubbing of bone.. and it is so... READ MORE

Any ideas on how to go about making it CLEAR to insurance it is medically necessary to get this surgery? (photo)

I have been denied about 4 times by insurance saying this isn't a covered benefit and then they go on about tmj. I don't have tmj. It is clearly... READ MORE

I'm looking to get orthognathic surgery, but I'm having a hard time finding an insurance that will help cover. Any suggestions?

I'm at about 60% done with my braces. My ortho is telling me I need to consider getting jaw surgery to fix my bite. He isn't the only doctor who has... READ MORE

How to fix maxillary prognathism? (photos)

I have a sort of beak like projection of my upper jaw like the woman on the left in the photo. Apparently, this is a form of prognathism. Can this be... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven, do I need corrective jaw surgery? (photos)

My chin is slightly skewed and my left and right jaws are uneven. I've seen other people on the internet, I think mine is not as bad as what I've seen... READ MORE

Fixing asymmetrical jaw? (photo)

My left side is more pronounced than my right side. It was "normal" 3-4 years from what I saw in a picture. I tend to chew more on my left side... READ MORE

What should I do when my jaw on the right side is longer & seem to be pushing my entire jaw including my chin to one side? photo

The right side seem to be a lot longer than the length of my left side. My chin is off the centre, almost as if the longer jaw grew so that it pushed... READ MORE

Jaw Augmentation vs. Orthognathic Surgery - Less Risk and Reversible?

Is jaw augmentation reversible if I don't like it just like chin implants? I mean is it purely cosmetic unlike orthognathic surgery? Because... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery to fix an overbite and slightly misaligned jaw?

I have a 50% overbite and a 6mm overjet due to skeletal problems. My bottom jaw is too far back with makes me have a weak chin. My bottom jaw also go... READ MORE

Could orthognathic surgery fix my protruding upper jaw area (photos)? (photos)

The problem: My upper jaw and the sides of my mouth protrude, the lower portion of my face from nose to chin seems shorter than it should be, and my... READ MORE

I have cross bite. I need double jaw surgery to fix and I am considering it. Is this something insurance will cover?

I really want this surgery, but I can't afford $20,000. My teeth are getting ruined! Will Regence Blue Cross or Kaiser cover this? Does it go through... READ MORE

What can I do for my long face and crooked jaw? (photos)

Hello! I have a very long face,crooked jaw,weird mouth shape and flat cheeks.I also have uneven cheeks.I am wearing lingual braces(i had 4 extractions... READ MORE

Open bite- Is jaw surgery needed?

I have a pretty bad anterior open bite from sucking my thumb. I also have a tongue thrust. My open bite is 10mm to be specific. I have trouble eating... READ MORE

I look old because my midface & lower face are too long. Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw?

Could I remove pieces of bone to shorten the vertical height of my jaw and alveolar region for cosmetic reasons? Also my nose, can bone removal... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery? (photos)

I had braces when I was 17. While they successfully straightened my teeth, I still feel that my jaws don't fit together correctly. I have always been... READ MORE

How Effective is the Homeoblock Device for Maxillary Development?

I cannot afford sarpe and the lefort procedure. I discovered Dr. Belfor (offices in the Catskills and NYC ), and his patented homeoblock device. I... READ MORE

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