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Any ideas on how to go about making it CLEAR to insurance it is medically necessary to get this surgery? (photo)

I have been denied about 4 times by insurance saying this isn't a covered benefit and then they go on about tmj. I don't have tmj. It is clearly... READ MORE

I'm looking to get orthognathic surgery, but I'm having a hard time finding an insurance that will help cover. Any suggestions?

I'm at about 60% done with my braces. My ortho is telling me I need to consider getting jaw surgery to fix my bite. He isn't the only doctor who has... READ MORE

Underdeveloped Jaw Surgery? Possibly Also Have TMJ, How to Get Insurance to Pay for It?

Im 16,I currently have braces,I was about to get them off a couple of days ago,but my mom(who is a hygienist)didnt think my teeth were ready so she... READ MORE

Do you think I need jaw surgery? Would insurance cover it in my case? (Photo)

I had braces for 3 years but my teeth were slanted in to compensate for my overbite. Unhappy, I found a new ortho who put me in invisilign. He says I... READ MORE

I would like to fix my jaw alignment and my appearance. What are my options? (Photo)

Hi! I am a mouth breather, have a bad overbite, it is not natural for me to close my mouth, and my chin is recessive. I would love to correct this... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery - Upper & Lower - Area & Range of Cost Needed for Ins Appeal?

Live in Palm Beach County, Florida. Had upper & lower jaw surgery. Cost $22,000 - insurance only paid $4,800. On final appeal. Need to know... READ MORE

How much does sliding genioplasty cost, and would insurance cover any of it? Also what is the recovery time? (Photo)

I'm looking on getting this surgery this summer. I am a dancer and am wondering how long I would have to sit out of physical activity. I am very... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven and I've been told I look like I'm mentally disabled. What can I do to fix my face? (Photo)

What can I do to fix my face please help. Also I live in Canada so would it be covered by our health care? READ MORE

I have cross bite. I need double jaw surgery to fix and I am considering it. Is this something insurance will cover?

I really want this surgery, but I can't afford $20,000. My teeth are getting ruined! Will Regence Blue Cross or Kaiser cover this? Does it go through... READ MORE

Need a jaw doctor. What kind of insurance covers this kind of surgery? (Photo)

What kind of insurance covers this kind of surgery? How much would it be if out of pocket? An orthodontist wanted to push back my front teeth but I am... READ MORE

Is there insurance out there that can cover the majority of the cost? (Photo)

So I have TMJ and going to need jaw surgery. My orthodontist said that the surgery would probably cost around $30k. I don't have that! I'm feeling... READ MORE

Should I have surgery for underbite? Can braces or Invisalign fix it? Can GHI insurance (partially) cover this surgery? (Photo)

I realized I had an under bite in late 2008. At that time it wasn't bothersome or I just wasn't noticing the trouble it was causing me. I had xrays... READ MORE

Will insurance cover maxillofacial surgery for a 2mm overbite and large 5mm gummy smile?

Hello. I have an overbite of around 2mm and a very large gummy smile of around 5mm or greater. I'm a mouth breather and can barely close my mouth... READ MORE

Will it be hard to get Jaw Surgery Covered be Tricare Insurance if I get braces for 3rd time? (photos)

Braces at 14, off at 18. Braces at 26, off at 27. (Recent) Recent ortho in a diff state told me I needed to lower top jaw, and get chin pushed out. I... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I'm 18 years old. My lips do not meet without there feeling as if there is a big strain. It's definitely not comfortable. I usually leave my mouth... READ MORE

Would insurance cover SARPE surgery for narrow jaw?

I've really wanted to undergo SARPE surgery as recommended by an orthodontist. I read sometimes patients get covered with their insurance. I really... READ MORE

Will OHIP cover jaw surgery? (Photo)

Hello. For my entire life I've noticed my jaw is very crooked, my lower jaw is over to one side. My molars don't align properly because of this so... READ MORE

Would I benefit from Orthognathic surgery? (Photo)

I was told that I had a mild form of micrognathia when I was younger but was too afraid of the surgery it entailed so I opted for a chin implant.... READ MORE

Do I have to pay for surgery to fix a seriously severe overbite?

My dentist has told me that i have a 99% overbite which is insanely serious. I am a 20 year old Canadian female and cannot afford braces. I was told... READ MORE

Will having 2 jaw orthognathic surgery help my TMJ, and will insurance cover it? I have migraines. Is this related? (Photo)

I was told "Looks like you have bimaxillary facial retrusion and steep occlusal plane You should be evaluated for two jaw orthognathic surgery. Just... READ MORE

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