Implant + Orthognathic Surgery

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Medpor Mandibular Angle Implants - Infection. Should I Get Them Removed?

Summary: Medpor Mandibular Angle Implants intra-orally - both sides. Trouble only on one side. ==== Antibiotics 2 days before through 5 days post op... READ MORE

Jaw Implant on One Side? Can This Be Done?

My left jaw is good sticks out more, right does not and it does not extend all the way under my ear lobe as does my left, i would like one generic... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery or chin implant? (photos)

I have a very recessed jawline, along with a huge overbite + openbite. I am a 18 year old male. Originally I was set on having jaw surgery, but... READ MORE

Should I go for Jaw implants after jaw surgery? (photos)

Hi. I had double jaw surgery 3 months ago to fix prognatism.I also had malar implants. So far I like the results but there’s something that’s bot... READ MORE

Midface implant or orthognathic surgery for ethnic midface hypoplasia?

I'm an ethnic patient with very wide jawline & a collapsed midface, making my nasolabial folds very deep. I have a crossbite but not to the extent... READ MORE

Will There Be Permanent Skin or Muscle Damage if I Get my Jaw Implants Removed After Having Them for Less Than a Week?

I had jaw implants a few days ago and as the swelling goes down I'm starting to realize that I'm not liking the results. It looks too large... READ MORE

Would you recommend angle jaw/mandible implants or another type of surgery? (photos)

For the longest time I have been self conscious about my extremely weak jaw line. I had a chin implant and rhinoplasty about 4 years ago which I was... READ MORE

Looking for opinions on whether or not mandibular jawline implants might be a good option for me? (Photo)

Are mandibular angle implants done often and is this something that can be done? My jawline looks very weak to me and bothers me how my chin comes to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Cosmetic Maxillofacial Surgery?

Last year I got the largest chin implant available and I still desire just a little bit more projection. My surgeon told me that she cannot add... READ MORE

Can I Have Jaw Implants Following Orthognathic Surgery?

I am due to have orthognathic surgery to advance my lower jaw. However, I would also consider receiving future jaw implants subsequent to this in... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Ortgognatic Surgery to Improve the Aspect of a Jaw? (photo)

I have an slightly receded lower jaw, with a maybe minimalistic overbite. The difference between jaws on the front is of about 0.5 cm. Most of my... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant Problem. Overlap Chin Implant, Fixed, Now Swelling. (photo)

Had a jaw augmentation(Lateral angle type).However on the right side the Jaw angle implant was overlapping the chin implant.Over time the wing part of... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery to fix my tilted/slanted smile or open a space for an implant? (Photo)

I am missing an upper left bicuspid that my childhood ortho removed to speed up treatment time. I had braces 5 years ago that relapsed(hawleys) to... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Prevent Infection and Minimize Swelling After Jaw Implant Surgery?

I am having jaw implants placed in a little over a month, and I am concerned about the possibility of infection and subsequent removal of the implants... READ MORE

What medical material is best for jaw implants? (zirconia, PEEK,acylic PMMA)

In terms of avoiding infection, what what would be a good medical material for jaw implants. Custom made jaw implants made from acrylic PMMA have been... READ MORE

Would a jaw implant help facial asymmetry (lower mandible) post double jaw surgery + genio? (photo)

How can I fix my facial asymmetry that is evident after my double jaw surgery/sliding genioplasty done over a year ago. My bite is improved and mid... READ MORE

retrusive chin- what sort of surgery can fix that?

I have been to a no. of surgeons and apparently they all have different things to say. i am confused as to whether i need a simple chin implant or... READ MORE

How Much Do Mandibular (Jaw) Implants Cost? (photo)

I am a 27 year old male who had class 3 orthognathic surgery performed approximately 9 years ago which included a sliding genioplasty. Pictures of my... READ MORE

Are Jaw Implants Less Popular Because Of The Risk?

Want to have jaw-implant but as i was searching for it didn't see allot of before and after pictures, so it got me thinking why isn't it that... READ MORE

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