Headache + Orthognathic Surgery

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Recovery Time for Immediate Temporization Type Dental Implant

How much recovery time for extraction, implant, bone graft (cadaver) and a few stitches? No flap made. I am on day 3 and still have headache and... READ MORE

My Chin and Teeth Are Completely Lopsided and I Have a Witch Chin! Can Anything Be Done Without Plastic Surgery? I'm 21. (photo)

I notice more and more with every day that my chin (and nose) is huge and sticks out even worse when I smile (witch chin) and that my teeth are... READ MORE

Conflicting opinions about jawline, bite, and chin dimpling. Any suggestions? (photos)

Not sure what steps to take concerning jawline. I've been told I have an overjet and malocculsion. Another doctor said it was definitely not an... READ MORE

Can an orthodontist tell me if I need jaw surgery/oral surgery or not for TMJ?

I have head and neck pain in part due to a shifting jaw and maloclussion. I'd like to treat my jaw with Botox or treat the upper teeth and see if that... READ MORE

Severe underbite and TMJ, insurance will not cover. Any advice on how I can get this covered? (Photos)

I have a protruded bottom jaw & my top jaw sits back too far so I am in need of a double jaw surgery. I was supposed to get this 6 years ago but... READ MORE

Recessed chin/jaw causes difficulty closing mouth & a lot of pain. Recommendations for best course of action? (Photos)

I have had difficulty closing my mouth forever. I have to clench my muscles to keep it closed causing a lot of pain, headaches, & tension in the... READ MORE

Do I need a maxillofacial and orthagnathic surgery? Also a second rhinoplasty?

I'm20 and when I was little I used to suck my middle and pointer fingers from my left hand, used a palate for a few years, never finished the... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a jaw surgery? (photos)

I am strongly considering jaw surgery however I haven't met with professionals yet on a consultation (currently away from home). My dentists told me... READ MORE

I need jaw surgery i can't afford a surgery and no doctors will see me because of the type of insurance i have what can i do?

I have a jaw that is not even in length on both sides this is causing clicking poping and has locking after a certian dagree of opening. effecting my... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery for asymmetry? (photos)

I have condylar hypoplasia on the right side that has been stable through two courses of braces, totalling 7 years. My bite is not perfect and I get... READ MORE

Is there a possibility to correct the jaw before orthodontic treatment? (photo)

The pain and discomfort from my jaw misalignment has become severe. As a result, a disc beneath my jaw has slipped, chewing has become painful, my... READ MORE

What type of surgery would I need to correct my jaw, and would insurance cover it? If not, how much approximately? (Photos)

Had braces before to correct my bite.my jaw is misplaced.right side comes down&protrudes.when I open my mouth wide or eat,right jaw noticeably pops... READ MORE

Post Lefort 1 Osteotomy, teeth do not meet on left side?

I had a Lefort 1 osteotomy 2 weeks ago due to my underdeveloped upper jaw, which resulted in my teeth being unable to touch or interdigitate properly.... READ MORE

How bad is my underbite? Will I need surgery? 18 yo (photo)

Ignore the giant canines (and mane), they help with my prey. But my underbite from a cosmetic point of view isn't too bad, but I'm always getting... READ MORE

Am I a jaw surgery candidate? (Photo)

I continously have headaches and earaches with no cause. I also have sleep issues but sleep study determined I do not have sleep apnea. Could my jaw... READ MORE

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