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How to fix an uneven jaw without surgery? (Photo)

I have an uneven jawline that really bothers me.. No one I talk to about it says it's noticeable but when I look in the mirror it's all I can see. My... READ MORE

Best Way to Get a More Defined Jaw Line?

My jaw line has no defintion. My lower jaw appears to be the same wdith as my neck, and though I'm not overweight I almost always appear have a double... READ MORE

Is orthognathic surgery possible while not wearing braces? (photos)

When I was much younger I had braces twice to correct my overbite. The orthodontist recommended orthognathic surgery, but my parents felt I was too... READ MORE

Can I Expect my Nose Shape to Change As It Heals After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am 4 weeks post op from having rhinoplasty and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery). The jaw surgery was for medical reasons, and surgeon told me... READ MORE

Is my jaw too long? Or is my face too narrow? I do not know what it is about my jaw/chin but I absolutely hate it. (photo)

My face is much more pleasing looking when I smile. But I seriously hate pictures and feel as though I look like a man. Should I consider re... READ MORE

Jaw Reduction, Facial Asymmetry, Long Face? (photo)

I am a 23 year old female, and I have been deeply dissatisfied with my face since the age of 6 or so. Maturing into my "adult face" has only made... READ MORE

What should I do when my jaw on the right side is longer & seem to be pushing my entire jaw including my chin to one side? photo

The right side seem to be a lot longer than the length of my left side. My chin is off the centre, almost as if the longer jaw grew so that it pushed... READ MORE

What procedure would be best to fix my receding chin? (photos)

I have a slight overbite but a receding chin that i believe is hereditary and also an adams apple. I am really insecure about my profile to the point... READ MORE

Can I get Orthognathic surgery and a jaw shave reduction at the same time? (photos)

I have a protruding jaw. I don't have underbite anymore. Braces fixed that but my jaw still protrudes. I would like on a single lower jaw orthognathic... READ MORE

What can be done about my crooked smile? (Photo)

So… I've noticed my chin or jaw seems to be crooked on the right side of my face. When smiling it's noticed the most. Although no one has ever p... READ MORE

My teeth are aligned straight from braces, but my face is asymmetrical. Can jaw surgery fix this? (photo)

I have difficulty opening my mouth because when I do, my jaw deviates to one side. They also crack when my mouth is opened, and my jaw joints are... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery or should I have orthodontic with TAD to correct overbite with incompetent lips?

Hello,I am in my early 30's now and I am so conscious of my smile especially I have seen couple orthodontist and I am getting mixed feedbacks. Some... READ MORE

Can I change one side of my face to look like the other half with Orthognathic Surgery? (Photo)

Left jaw longer and lower set than right- thus creating an overall facial imbalance. Now the questions: 1) Will orthognathic surgery alter my face... READ MORE

I have a hole on left side of face after orthognathic surgery. Can anyone make me look normal again? (Photo)

Had orthognathic surgery in 2011. Teeth were beautiful but had an open bite and it was suggested to have orthognathic surgery to correct. However, two... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; a Jaw surgery or genioplasty? (photos)

Hello. My orthodontist said i need a double jaw surgery. I have an open bite and i can't close my lips properly. But double jaw surgery really scares... READ MORE

I want a more angular face, symmetry and a change in my face shape (photos)

Being born and raised in predominantly European country Ive always wanted to match who Im inside. Its probably vanity. I was said for 2in 1 procedure... READ MORE

Jaw Asymmetry. How Should I Correct it? (photo)

I am curious as to the options to correct my jaw asymmetry. I am 31 y.o. and female. The front of my face is not terrible, but my lips are slanted due... READ MORE

I still have no tooth show 2 weeks after Le Fort I. Should I request a revision surgery soon? (Photo)

I had Le Fort I 2 weeks ago to move the maxilla forward 5mm and down 5mm, no bone graft. 2 weeks post op, I'd say I only have about 15%-20% swelling... READ MORE

Long Jaw & Protruded Lower Lip? (photo)

Im 23 year old female I used to have a class 3 jaw protrusion.. I was wearing dental braces for 3 years..My teeth looks wonderful but my lower lip... READ MORE

Why is my Numbness of the Chin Increasing 3 Months After Le Fort Osteotomy and Sagittal Osteotomy? (photo)

I am a 62 year old female that had a Le Fort osteotomy and a sagittal osteotomy 4 months ago to increase my airway. My jaw was moved 10 mm forward. My... READ MORE

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