Excess Skin + Orthognathic Surgery

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How Can I Make my Face Look More Sculpted? (photo)

I am 18 and i feel like i have too much excess fat right around my mouth and my jaw is not very defined.. What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

What can I do about sagging jawline after jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have a heart shaped face, but since my jaw surgery a few years ago that natural shape has been kind of muddled from excess skin around my jawline... READ MORE

Do I have a weak jawline? (Photo)

I am not exactly sure if I have a weak jawline or just an unfortunate excess of skin around the area. Some picture looks worse and some better due to... READ MORE

What kind of jaw and facial surgeries would define my jaw, remove excess skin, fat and reduce bone size in chin & jaw? (Photos)

I've looked at surgery to reduce the overall size of my jawline and chin and also to define my jaw and remove fat from around my mouth and lower face.... READ MORE

Weak Jawline? (photo)

I think I have a weak jawline and chin. I find that I have excess fat under my chin and my face looks narrow and undefined from the front. Would you... READ MORE

Excess Skin After Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I had a surgery/BSSO (one jaw only) three weeks ago to correct my protruding lower jaw. Swelling has gone down a lot but I noticed the contour between... READ MORE

How different will I look after double jaw (orthognathic) surgery, and will my neck look a lot fatter? (photos)

First off, I have deficit upper jaw, severe underbite, severe malocclusion, narrow upper jaw, and asymmetry. Plan: pull upper and put back lower jaw... READ MORE

What are the risks of the kind of two jaws surgery shown in the picture below? Does it often result in sagging? (photos)

I wish to have a 'small face', and to achieve that I think I would need to undergo this two jaws surgery. But the procedure doesn't look common, thus... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation or orthognathic surgery? (photos)

I want to correct my receded chin & have a more visible jawline, but I want my lower face to remain small. should i get a chin implant or ortho... READ MORE

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