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Will orthognathic surgery help me facial asymmetry and jaw tension? If so, who can help? (Photo)

Pains, tension around the jaw area, constant mouth breathing and a narrow, long jaw. Not good. READ MORE

How to get a wider and sharper jawline ?

How do I get a sharper wider more defined jawline like the one Angelina Jolie has? I would like to get jaw implants but I am having a hard time... READ MORE

Seeking doctors who perform successful mentalis resuspensions and photos. I know others looking for the same.

Although I hear of mentalis resuspension being the remedy to my iatrogenic drooping chin, I've yet to find a successful case that resembles mine. I... READ MORE

Skeletal Advancement of the Midface. I Have An Underbite; Dr Says I Need Correction of Midface?

I have an underbite that is 4-5 mm, but it looks much bigger than that when you look at my profile since my midface is underdeveloped. I have been... READ MORE

Maxillary Advancement Surgery in Dubai? (photo)

Hi i need help i live in UAE i have maxillary upper jaw advancment problem please help me? is there any dr or surgeon in dubai? READ MORE

Cheek Bone Reduction Surgeon in LA or OC, CA?

Im desparated to find a great maxillofacial surgeon to perform cheek n jaw reduction. It s really common procedure in Korea but not here. I want to... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for V-line jaw surgery? (photos)

I have a receding chin and a slight lantern jaw. It makes my face look long & sometimes sad or tired. It looks even worse in photographs than it does... READ MORE

Where to Find a Specialist on Reconstructive Jaw Surgery?

I suffered a terrible plastic surgery which left me missing mandible angles and a deviation chin. Recently, I happened to see the procedure to correct... READ MORE

What can I do reduce one side of jaw bone is larger than the other side?

I have had maxiofacial surgery and several years of braces as one side of my mouth was not fully closing and now I can chew from both side of my mouth... READ MORE

What doctor should I see for broken jaw?

I broke my jaw for a second time (never got it fixed the 1st time). The pain is getting unbearable. What doctor should I see? I have medicaid and if... READ MORE

Can Any Recommend a Good Oral Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon That Treats TMJ with Botox in the Orlando, FL Area or Central Fl Area?

Can Any Recommend a Good Oral Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon That Treats TMJ with Botox in the Orlando, FL Area or Central Fl Area? I have tried... READ MORE

Sagittal Split Osteotomy in Chicago?

Looking to get a Sagittal Split Osteotomy for purely cosmetical reasons to correct my lower jaw. Recommend me a doctor in Illinois or Chicago area. READ MORE

I have an open bite and incompetent lips. Need a recommendation on doctor in India?

My upper jaw is ahead than the lower jaw. Because of incompetent lips I'm an mouth breather. I had braces two years ago my orthodontist kind of made a... READ MORE

Can Maxillofacial surgery be performed together with V-line surgery?

Hi Doctor, Can Maxillofacial surgery be performed together with V-line surgery? If so, which surgeons in USA are doing that? My problems are lip... READ MORE

Orthodontic lower jaw surgery - surgeon recommendation and pricing?

Hello, I am considering orthodontic jaw surgery to move my lower jaw forward as I have an overbite. Can anyone recommend a surgeon within the UK that... READ MORE

Who do I go and see to talk about jaw surgery? (photos)

I dislike my side profile I feel like I have a horrible jawline that looks like there is no jawline and all neck as well as a unequal slant, what can... READ MORE

Ramus Reconstruction, Right Madible. Please Suggest a Good Doctor in Canada?

Hi, I am new in Canada and been diagnosed with extremely large OKC in left mandible and requires recontructing the entire left jaw bone including the... READ MORE

Any recommendations on good surgeons in Illinois who perform Orthognathic Surgery?

Im looking for an experienced surgeon in Illinois that can correct my vertical maxillary deficiency a.k.a as short-face syndrome. I lack tooth show.... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in the US that do V-line/Jaw Contouring Surgery and can transform my U shape Face to a V-shape? (photo)

I am interested in Jaw contouring surgery. I feel like my lower face looks very masculine and I want an Oval face shape. I love how it looks when I... READ MORE

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