Crossbite + Orthognathic Surgery

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Any ideas on how to go about making it CLEAR to insurance it is medically necessary to get this surgery? (photo)

I have been denied about 4 times by insurance saying this isn't a covered benefit and then they go on about tmj. I don't have tmj. It is clearly... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Jaw Surgery? (photo)

Im 18 and have had braces for 7 months now. I got my braces to correct 2 crossbites, cuspid& 3rd molar, My crossbites are corrected but now I have... READ MORE

Do I need absolutely need orthognathic surgery to fix my asymmetrical face, overbite, crossbite and TMJ? (Photo)

I went to a new dentist last year to get a routine checkup. She said that I needed braces to fix my problematic teeth. She also said that I needed... READ MORE

Is There a Palate Expander That Can Expand Only One Side of Your Palate? (photo)

When I was younger I slept on my face in a way that put a lot pressure on my left side jaw and temple. It gave me a crossbite which was treated with a... READ MORE

I have cross bite. I need double jaw surgery to fix and I am considering it. Is this something insurance will cover?

I really want this surgery, but I can't afford $20,000. My teeth are getting ruined! Will Regence Blue Cross or Kaiser cover this? Does it go through... READ MORE

I have a class III crossbite. I need double jaw surgery to fix and I am considering it. Is it a risky procedure? (Photo)

It was explained to me as a pretty routine procedure with some risk of persistent numbness in small areas of the face and a risk of relapse which is... READ MORE

Can I go directly to jaw surgery without trying to fix it with braces first?

I have a big crossbite, causing a asymmtric face. Jaws and eyes are very different on each side. I want jaw surgery, but I dont wont to wear braces... READ MORE

Midface implant or orthognathic surgery for ethnic midface hypoplasia?

I'm an ethnic patient with very wide jawline & a collapsed midface, making my nasolabial folds very deep. I have a crossbite but not to the extent... READ MORE

Jaw surgery or just braces and SG? Which would benefit me more in the long run? Cross bite, jaw popping and weak chin (Photo)

I had braces when I was younger. My bite was okay after getting them off, but now my lower jaw has shifted which is causing me jaw pain and wearing... READ MORE

Do I Need Jaw Surgery for my Crossbite? Is It Severe? (photo)

Lately I've been noticing how my teeth have changed. My bottom jaw is a lot smaller than my top. I have a deep overbite and a crossbite? Should I make... READ MORE

Is my Face Asymmetrical? And is my Jaw Alignment Causing the Issue? (photo)

Hi all, I have a weak chin and was looking into genioplasty to bring my chin forward 8mm. However on further photo inspection, I can see that my jaw... READ MORE

Unilateral Crossbite with a Functional Shift in Adults? (photo)

I'm 31 and have what I believe to be a unilateral posterior crossbite with a functional shift to the right. I'm wondering if I could correct these... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a revision of double jaw surgery? Is it possible to do jaw surgery and rhinoplasty together? (Photo)

I had my double jaw surgery on April 2014 to fix a very bad underbite (class 3), crossbite and gummy smile. It's been 8 mths now. I did not like the... READ MORE

I have midface hyperplasia, protruding jaw, crossbite. How do I correct this dentally/cosmetically? (Photo)

This woman's "before" image is similar to my own. I find her on site discussing orthognathic surgery. I have a slight crossbite & my face is... READ MORE

Is Surgery on the Upper Palate the Only Answer to Fix a Cross Bite, Crowding and Crooked Top Teeth - 23yr Old Female. (photo)

My orthodontist has told me that in order to get braces for crowding and crooked top teeth, I would first need to have an invasive operation to... READ MORE

My upper jaw is more prominent and lower jaw recessed. Is surgery the only option and would it give better results?

I am 22, female. initially i had cross bite and my teeth were not aligned so the dentist pulled out two molar from my upper jaw and expanded my upper... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Braces or jaw surgery? (photos)

I think my case is severe. My upper teeth is slanted, so are my lower teeth. I think this is more than just a crossbite and overbite. Is this a... READ MORE

My jaw is a little bit twisted to my right. What's the best way to treat it?

I went to a doctor who told me that i have a crossbite but to my lower jaw is going to the right READ MORE

Is surgery necessary for my cross bite? (Photo)

My crossbite has caused me to develop osteoarthritis in my left tempero mandibular joint with extensive ligament damage on the right joint as a result... READ MORE

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