Crooked + Orthognathic Surgery

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Narrow jaw - what can be done to make my face, the lower half in particular, less narrow and more normal? (Photo)

I have a narrow lower jaw, it's crooked. It's more obvious with mouth open.but, as you'll see in the pictures, my lower lip is not aligned with the... READ MORE

Could orthognathic surgery fix my protruding upper jaw area (photos)? (photos)

The problem: My upper jaw and the sides of my mouth protrude, the lower portion of my face from nose to chin seems shorter than it should be, and my... READ MORE

Will Jaw Surgery Provide Symmetry to my Profile or is a Chin Implant Necessary? (photo)

One side of my jaw visibly pops out at the joint & I have a crooked smile after braces. I have other symptoms: trouble speaking sometimes, limited... READ MORE

I wonder what the cost and how long and what the procedure would be called for my jaw? (Photo)

I want to get orthognathic to fix it. The ortho I went to never mentioned how my jaw is crooked and its what is making my nose misaligned and... READ MORE

What can I do for my long face and crooked jaw? (photos)

Hello! I have a very long face,crooked jaw,weird mouth shape and flat cheeks.I also have uneven cheeks.I am wearing lingual braces(i had 4 extractions... READ MORE

What can be done about my crooked smile? (Photo)

So… I've noticed my chin or jaw seems to be crooked on the right side of my face. When smiling it's noticed the most. Although no one has ever p... READ MORE

Septum deviation after jaw surgery

I used to have a symmetrical nose and no problems with breathing. I had jaw surgery 2 weeks ago and my upper jaw impacted 5 mm. Now i can't breathe... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Asymmetrical Face and Jawline? (photo)

My face looks crooked. One side looks fuller and you can see my jaw line. The other side is less full and has no jaw line. Even my eyes are uneven. I... READ MORE

How to Fix a Crooked Jaw?

I've removed a few teeth a few years ago and now have a crooked jaw. when i open my mouth it does not close properly and sometimes stays open.... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry - Crooked Smile, Jaw Correction? (photo)

Hello, I am wondering how to correct my crooked smile, I have braces on currently. I've seen an oral surgeon to see if I was suitable for orthognathic... READ MORE

My Face Doesnt Look Right in Pictures. My Chin Looks Slanted to One Side Are You Able to Help? (photo)

I have had braces ect but i feel like it is getting worse and i have no confidence in myself about it Please help. It just seems in picture my chin is... READ MORE

I Have Facial Asymmetry with Swollen Massetter and Facial Pain Jaws Misaligmed What Do I Do? (photo)

Over the past year and maybe longer my jaw discomfort and asymmetry has been getting worse jaw clicks and pops out of place all the time. Mass setter... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old with an uneven bite/jawline, and a long, asymmetrical face: What can I do to fix it? (photo)

I currently suffer from TMJ, crooked teeth, and a misaligned bite. From what I understand, after I go about having my bite fixed, the next... READ MORE

How can I fix my crooked jaw? (photo)

I've noticed in pictures that my lower jaw is extremely crooked. I don't notice this much when I look at myself in a mirror though. I had braces as a... READ MORE

Is Surgery on the Upper Palate the Only Answer to Fix a Cross Bite, Crowding and Crooked Top Teeth - 23yr Old Female. (photo)

My orthodontist has told me that in order to get braces for crowding and crooked top teeth, I would first need to have an invasive operation to... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Nightmare - What's causing these complications I wasn't warned about? Can they be fixed? (Photo)

I had lower jaw surgery + genioplasty 2 months ago. The genioplasty went wrong - chin was crooked, there was a gap between the pieces of bone, & he... READ MORE

Will OHIP cover jaw surgery? (Photo)

Hello. For my entire life I've noticed my jaw is very crooked, my lower jaw is over to one side. My molars don't align properly because of this so... READ MORE

I have crooked jaw, how can it be fixed? (photos)

I have a crooked jaw, with the left side being much bigger than the right. It has also affected my teeth alignment, with the best possible work being... READ MORE

Can the fix be done in one surgery, what exactly is going on, who do I need to see? (photo)

Crooked smile, my teeth are striahgt but lower jaw is slanted. Popping clicking sleeping problems, pain, camel chew at times, I think it has a... READ MORE

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