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Jaw Augmentation vs. Orthognathic Surgery - Less Risk and Reversible?

Is jaw augmentation reversible if I don't like it just like chin implants? I mean is it purely cosmetic unlike orthognathic surgery? Because... READ MORE

Should I choose upper jaw surgery & anti clockwise rotation of lower jaw, or upper jaw surgery `7 sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

I'm not sure whether to get upper jaw surgery and a sliding genio or to go for upper jaw surgery alone with anti clockwise rotation of the lower jaw... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery vs Chin augmentation? (photo)

I am 16 years old, and have an extremely weak chin and lack of a jaw line. I have a large overbite. What would be the best and cheapest route? READ MORE

Midface implant or orthognathic surgery for ethnic midface hypoplasia?

I'm an ethnic patient with very wide jawline & a collapsed midface, making my nasolabial folds very deep. I have a crossbite but not to the extent... READ MORE

Jaw surgery or just braces and SG? Which would benefit me more in the long run? Cross bite, jaw popping and weak chin (Photo)

I had braces when I was younger. My bite was okay after getting them off, but now my lower jaw has shifted which is causing me jaw pain and wearing... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery and sliding genioplasty or chin implant and mandibular angle implant? Which best suits my case? (Photo)

2013, Visited an oral surgeon to discuss my weak lower jaw. I was told I would need double jaw surgery and a possible sliding genioplasty.... READ MORE

I have TMJ and overbite, right side of my jaw is longer than the left. Should I try the damon system or jaw surgery? (Photo)

Im wondering if I should get the damon system, have jaw surgery or what I should do, I am 20 yrs old and my jaw is still moving, its painful and... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty or jaw surgery? (Photo)

Hi, I've a recessed chin, with a deep mentolabial sulcus. I'm considering corrective surgery, and would like to know if I'm a good candidate for... READ MORE

Jaw surgery and braces versus sliding genioplasty?

I have a recessed chin and a very slight overbite which does impact on function of mouth when eating. I have had consultations with 3 oral and... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Orthognathic Surgery vs. Facial Contouring for a large pointy chin? (photos)

During the time I had braces my orthodontist mentioned that I might end up needing jaw surgery. He decided that I did not need it but it has been... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; jaw line surgery or neck liposuction? (photos)

I'm young 21 year old, always had a problem with my jawline, as it is not defined. Wondering what would needed to be done for it to look like the... READ MORE

Receiving very different treatment options about an underbite (class 3) from two orthodontists. Which one sounds better? (Photo)

I have an underbite and severe crowding of teeth (upper jaw). The first orthodontist informed me that braces will only straighten my teeth but will... READ MORE

Botox masseter reduction, jowl lipo, thread lift or buccal pad removal. Which is most suitable to get a slimmer jawline? (Photo)

I'm an asian, in my early 20s. I'm not happy with how I look. I have excessive soft tissue around my jawline and cheek, not sure whether they are... READ MORE

Mouth Protrusion Correction: Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) Vs. Two-jaw Surgery? (photo)

My primary concern for which I am seeking surgical correction is mouth protrusion. My bite is normal, but I am displeased with my facial aesthetic,... READ MORE

Does V line lower jaw surgery suit me? Or is Botox enough to give me V shaped face? (Photo)

My face was large & square. I used Botox on lower jaw muscles over the past 5 years, 35 - 45 units on each side per year. Left jaw is still bigger,... READ MORE

Should I Have Upper Jaw Surgery or a Lip Lift? (photo)

Since a chld I have been unable to show teeth when I smile, I have recently had veneers which now shows teeth but still not a great smile. It has been... READ MORE

I have midface hyperplasia, protruding jaw, crossbite. How do I correct this dentally/cosmetically? (Photo)

This woman's "before" image is similar to my own. I find her on site discussing orthognathic surgery. I have a slight crossbite & my face is... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Braces or jaw surgery? (photos)

I think my case is severe. My upper teeth is slanted, so are my lower teeth. I think this is more than just a crossbite and overbite. Is this a... READ MORE

What medical material is best for jaw implants? (zirconia, PEEK,acylic PMMA)

In terms of avoiding infection, what what would be a good medical material for jaw implants. Custom made jaw implants made from acrylic PMMA have been... READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction?

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction? READ MORE

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