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Would You Recommend Jaw Surgery? (photo)

Im 18 and have had braces for 7 months now. I got my braces to correct 2 crossbites, cuspid& 3rd molar, My crossbites are corrected but now I have... READ MORE

Do you think I need jaw surgery? Would insurance cover it in my case? (Photo)

I had braces for 3 years but my teeth were slanted in to compensate for my overbite. Unhappy, I found a new ortho who put me in invisilign. He says I... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven and I've been told I look like I'm mentally disabled. What can I do to fix my face? (Photo)

What can I do to fix my face please help. Also I live in Canada so would it be covered by our health care? READ MORE

I wonder what the cost and how long and what the procedure would be called for my jaw? (Photo)

I want to get orthognathic to fix it. The ortho I went to never mentioned how my jaw is crooked and its what is making my nose misaligned and... READ MORE

Jaw/Chin Surgery for Male? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 21 year old male and I feel that my jaw / chin area is too wide making my face look longer. I was also wondering about the possibility of... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Orthognathic Surgery? (photo)

My main complain is gummy smile and slightly long maxilla. Also, my chin is receeding and my lower jaw is small wich creats jowels, double chin and... READ MORE

Can LeFort I Osteotomy show more teeth by lowering upper jaw and fixing my problem?

I know from this surgery the upper jaw can be lowered. the distance between my upper lip and nose practically disappears when I smile,and unlike most... READ MORE

What can be done about my crooked smile? (Photo)

So… I've noticed my chin or jaw seems to be crooked on the right side of my face. When smiling it's noticed the most. Although no one has ever p... READ MORE

I think I have vertical maxillary excess and maxillary recession. Is jaw surgery worth it in my case? (Photo)

My teeth fit together perfectly fine. However, I always jut my jaw forward without thinking about it. This helps me breathe better which is why I do... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix the protrusion of both upper and lower jaw? Approximate cost?

When my mouth is closed, both my upper + lower jaw protrude past my nose.. like this: ( ( I'm fine... READ MORE

Can you fix a slanted jaw? (Photo)

Is ther anything I can do for this as it is really knocking my confidence :( READ MORE

Lower Jaw Surgery? Genioplasty? (photo)

Hi, So ive been told im a candidate for lower jaw surgery but my teeth and bite are fine so essentially I would be paying for orthodontics I... READ MORE

Do I have a mandibular deformity? (photos)

I was wondering if I would be a candidate for some type of jaw surgery. Here's a little bit about me: My lips do not rest together comfortably. I have... READ MORE

Is my jaw angle is too steep? Do I need major jaw surgery to correct it or is it totally normal? (Photo)

I've been very self-conscious about my profile lately and feel like my jaw angle is too steep. I know I have a short chin and a sliding... READ MORE

Is the Orthodontics Going to Help or Should I Get Orthoganathic Surgery? (photo)

Its been half a year since I started my orthodontics, mainly for bringing my chin out. I do not think it will work, however, as the braces will do... READ MORE

Do I Need Jaw Surgery to Correct my Underbite?

I have an overbite. It is not so obvious but when I smile my upper teeth do overtake most my smile. I find it uncomfortable to chew certain foods... READ MORE

Unhappy With the Aesthetics of My Smile After Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery. What Can I Do?

Had orthodontics & considered jaw surgery but opted for dental crowns instead (was leaving the country -couldn't go all the way). The crowns... READ MORE

Should I Have Upper Jaw Surgery or a Lip Lift? (photo)

Since a chld I have been unable to show teeth when I smile, I have recently had veneers which now shows teeth but still not a great smile. It has been... READ MORE

Long Jaw & Protruded Lower Lip? (photo)

Im 23 year old female I used to have a class 3 jaw protrusion.. I was wearing dental braces for 3 years..My teeth looks wonderful but my lower lip... READ MORE

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