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I'm looking to get orthognathic surgery, but I'm having a hard time finding an insurance that will help cover. Any suggestions?

I'm at about 60% done with my braces. My ortho is telling me I need to consider getting jaw surgery to fix my bite. He isn't the only doctor who has... READ MORE

Is it possible to be orthognathic surgery for an asymmetrical jaw if my bite is touching adequately on all sides?

I am a 24 year old female. I had braces for 2 years when I was 12-14 years old. During that time as my jaw was growing, it became asymmetrical. My... READ MORE

Post Jaw Surgery Wrong Occlusion. Can't Bite?

I underwent a jaw surgery..i had 6 fractures due to an assault on my lower jaw...i have 4 titanium plates in my i am not able to bite..sir... READ MORE

Options after jaw fracture healed incorrectly? Bite is now off causing asymmetry & TMJ like pain/clicks & other symptoms?(photo)

I was in a car accident almost 6 months ago and broke my jaw in two places, the chin and higher near the joint (condylar?). This xray is one week... READ MORE

How can I fix my edge-to-edge Class 3 Malocclusion without surgery? (Photo)

I had braces for an under bite when I was in elementary school. I'm 20 now, and I am looking for treatments for my edge to edge bite. It's a source of... READ MORE

Jaw Bite Moving to One Side Post Op Jaw Surgery for Overjet?

I had my splint taken out just 5 days after the surgery and told to wear 5 rubber bands in some awkward position. I have tried my best to follow but... READ MORE

Can You Get Upper and Lower Jaw Advancement Surgery with Normal Bite?

I think I have a short lower and upper jaw, because my face is long and my mid-face is flat. The distance between my neck and chin is short, and it... READ MORE

How to fix my uneven jaw? (photos)

I'm so self conscious of my uneven jaw.. When I was younger I had braces and they used the rubber bands to align my bite. Since then my jaw sits to... READ MORE

Would You Suggest Oral Surgery for my Bite? (photo)

I've had braces when I was younger, they clearly did not work. How severe do you see this as? Do I need extensive surgery? Would it be possible to... READ MORE

Correcting Facial Asymmetry? (photo)

I've struggled with facial asymmetry since my teenage years. I was told by my orthodontist at age 16 to undergo Orthognathic Surgery to correct my... READ MORE

Highly considering jaw surgery to correct my bite. Upper jaw? Lower jaw? or both? (photos)

Obviously, I would prefer to move only one jaw but willing to go the route that will give the best result. I cannot imagine moving my lower jaw back... READ MORE

Any surgery to correct my uneven jaw? (Photo)

My jaw doesn't match the rest of my face. This lady and I have a similar shape. If you cover the top of her face it seems as though she is looking... READ MORE

I am 60 yrs old, but look much older because of a misaligned jaw bite. Is it too late to have corrective surgery?

My lower jaw and lip extend way beyond the upper bite. I have begun to experience headaches and jaw pain. I also wear dentures. READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Gone Wrong? (photo)

Dear Doctors, My jaw surgery was done exclusively for cosmetic reasons, I had normal bite and symmetry, but little bit backward jaw. I came to doctor... READ MORE

Bimax Issues: My Orthodontist Says my Bite is Normal and my Teeth Haven't Moved Since Braces? (photo)

I feel like I have a bimaxillary protrusion issue, but I know that sometimes, certain people have bites that require the teeth to jut forward a bit to... READ MORE

How to Fix Possible Bi-max Protrusion + Weak Chin? (photo)

I had braces, but I think my bite is strange. What should I do to make my face more aligned? I look at my face and just think it looks like a horse's,... READ MORE

Is it wise to get double jaw surgery a second time? (Photo)

I am 7 months post-op from double jaw surgery (no genio) to correct an open-bite. I now have a normal bite (happy!) but my convex profile was not... READ MORE

Jaw surgery for TMJ and bite correction-Venlay restorations a realistic alternative?

Does anyone know how venlay restorations can realign jaw and fix over/under bites without surgery? It seems impossible yet there are hundreds of... READ MORE

Lip incompetence? I can't close my mouth, do I need orthognatic surgery?? (photos)

I've had braces before for a year and a half, but my upper teeth still flare out a lot. Not only that but I can't close my mouth and my lips hang open... READ MORE

Bi-maxillary (double jaw) surgery - Will I need to get Braces again to change my bite alignment? (photos)

Hi I want to get Bi-maxillary (double jaw) surgery. Since I have already had braces I do not have a bite problem, therefore if I was to get the... READ MORE

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