Asymmetry + Orthognathic Surgery

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Asymmetric Eyes and Jaw? (photo)

I have noticeable asymmetry in my jaw and eyes. My right eye is higher than my left, and my right jaw is longer than my left. I know that everyone has... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry. What Do you Suggest To Straighten Out Everything? (photo)

Hello Basically I have a few questions... My jaw appears to be awkwardly asymmetric in the picture below few my Nose to chin and the angle it is at.... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve Jaw Asymmetry? (photo)

The left side of my jawbone is more pronounced at the left. Although some people say it is not noticeable, but it can be seen clearly in photos. Just... READ MORE

Do I need absolutely need orthognathic surgery to fix my asymmetrical face, overbite, crossbite and TMJ? (Photo)

I went to a new dentist last year to get a routine checkup. She said that I needed braces to fix my problematic teeth. She also said that I needed... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Enhance my Facial Aesthetics, Get Rid of Asymetry and when Should I Commit to It (photo)

I am a male, 19 years old, 6'1", 190 lbs, in shape and healthy. Mild kyphosis and scoliosis. My teeth are at a noticeable slant now. Ortho... READ MORE

Do you think I need jaw surgery? Would insurance cover it in my case? (Photo)

I had braces for 3 years but my teeth were slanted in to compensate for my overbite. Unhappy, I found a new ortho who put me in invisilign. He says I... READ MORE

Many Asymmetries, Orthognathic Surgery to Fix? (photo)

Hi - I have several asymmetries on my face (uneven eye, crooked nose, sunken side) and I think they are all mostly due to an uneven Jaw. My TMJ clicks... READ MORE

Is There a Palate Expander That Can Expand Only One Side of Your Palate? (photo)

When I was younger I slept on my face in a way that put a lot pressure on my left side jaw and temple. It gave me a crossbite which was treated with a... READ MORE

Fixing asymmetrical jaw? (photo)

My left side is more pronounced than my right side. It was "normal" 3-4 years from what I saw in a picture. I tend to chew more on my left side... READ MORE

Can Orthognathic jaw surgery address the asymmetry of my jaw line? (photo)

One jaw angle is higher than the other. I am wondering if it is possible for my orthognathic jaw surgeon to address my asymmetrical jaw line at the... READ MORE

Is it possible to be orthognathic surgery for an asymmetrical jaw if my bite is touching adequately on all sides?

I am a 24 year old female. I had braces for 2 years when I was 12-14 years old. During that time as my jaw was growing, it became asymmetrical. My... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Asymmetrical Face and Jawline? (photo)

My face looks crooked. One side looks fuller and you can see my jaw line. The other side is less full and has no jaw line. Even my eyes are uneven. I... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Gone Wrong? (photo)

Dear Doctors, My jaw surgery was done exclusively for cosmetic reasons, I had normal bite and symmetry, but little bit backward jaw. I came to doctor... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Wisdom Teeth Removal (photos)

I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Before the procedure, I had a fairly symmetrical face (see the before picture). Immediately after the... READ MORE

What Are my Options to Fix my Jaw Line? (photo)

I've seen a TMJ specialist and he said that it could be the leading factor that caused my jaw line to shift to one side. As I have problems... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry - Crooked Smile, Jaw Correction? (photo)

Hello, I am wondering how to correct my crooked smile, I have braces on currently. I've seen an oral surgeon to see if I was suitable for orthognathic... READ MORE

Unhappy After Genioplasty, Jaw Surgery, How Can I Fix the Asymmetry? (photo)

I had jaw surgery, bimax le fort 1 and genioplasty 4 yeas ago,later nose job and cheek implants,still i am not happy. i like to have rounder, younger,... READ MORE

Face Asymmetry and Uneven Eyes. Will Fixing My Jaw/Bite Even Out My Eyes? (photo)

I have face asymmetry and left side of my face is more developed than the right side , im intending to undergo double jaw surgery to fix mid face... READ MORE

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