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Is my jaw angle is too steep? Do I need major jaw surgery to correct it or is it totally normal? (Photo)

I've been very self-conscious about my profile lately and feel like my jaw angle is too steep. I know I have a short chin and a sliding... READ MORE

Will a posterior jaw angle implant create a wider & more defined jaw?

1. if i do decide to get a vertical drop down jaw angle implant will i get atleast maybe 2 mm width from the front view? 2 if one gets a width lateral... READ MORE

What type of jaw angle implants are available off shelf?

Bascially can you get silicone jaw implants which drop down and add abit of width? Lets say one gets silicone posterior jaw angle implants will he... READ MORE

How do I fix a STEEP long jaw/gonial angle? Can I get a horizontal jaw angle? What would you do? (photos)

My maxillofacial surgeon wants to do a maxillary impaction & move both the upper and lower jaw forward, plus perform a sliding genioplasty. My... READ MORE

I'm curious what your suggestion would be for surgery based on my skull measurements/angles? (photos)

I'm curious what your suggestion would be based on my skull measurements/angles? I haven't spoken to my surgeon that I was referred to but my... READ MORE

Mandible angle fracture: Will my jaw/cheek regain the definition I have on the opposite side? (Photos)

I'm going on 5 weeks post closed reduction to correct a mandible angle fracture. The left portion of my mandible was broken into several pieces. The... READ MORE

Can jaw angle implants make me more chiseled without making me wider?

Hi, I would like a very chiseled jaw angle, but I'm not so crazy about overly wide/square face. In almost all before/after pictures of famous surgeons... READ MORE

Can the angle of my jaw be changed?

My jawline is very sharp, the problem is that, by touching the bones of my jaw, the angles seem to lean inwards, I always wondered why my jawline... READ MORE

Fixing Long Straight Jaw Line? (photo)

I have a really straight downward jawline that makes my face look longer but has round chin at the same time. I honestly do not know what is the best... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant and Bone Erosion?

What is the worst could happen with jaw angle implants? infection to jaw bone making it erode etc usually if it is done could it damage nerves over a... READ MORE

Jaw surgery possibilities: to make wide face narrower, not V-line surgery, and mandible angles.

I think my face is too wide. Can you move the jaws inward, making the overall contour of the face narrower? And is the surgeon able to change the... READ MORE

Are Commercial Facial Implants Sufficient to Improve my Profile? (photo)

Hello, I'm looking for professional opinions regarding my profile and whether commercial chin and jaw angle implants would be of any help or whether I... READ MORE

Looking for Affordable Solution to Fix Jaw?

I had maxifacial jaw surgery 2x to correct my bite. I had surgery over 6 years ago. After a dentist visit for dental implants, they informed me the... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to mandible implants for widening the jaw and changing the mandibular angle?

I would like to widen my jaw and change my mandibular angle, but do not like the idea of implants because of infection and having a foreign object in... READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce the mandible while preserving the jawline angle? (Photo)

Hi, I always felt that my lower face is too wide for my liking (Side and front profile attached). I'd be undergoing buccal fat removal, and also botox... READ MORE

What's the difference between Craniofacial Surgery Course and a forum on Surgical-Orthodontic Approach to Dentofacial Deformity?

I want to have Mandible Jaw Angle Reduction surgery, plastic surgery. I don't have facial deformity but want to narrow my face shape by reducing the... READ MORE

Jaw angle implants. Can the implants be trimmed down to only give something like 5mm of vertical lengthening?

Hi, I read that the RZ jaw angle implants have a dropdown vertical lengthening of 10mm. Can the implants be trimmed down to only give something like... READ MORE

Determining jaw angle implant sizing?

How do you determine what size of jaw angle implants are needed? Is there some way for measuring this? e.g. the horizontal distance between the... READ MORE

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