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Invisalign Instead of Orthognathic Surgery?

I had metal braces as a teen, along with: headgear (that I didn't wear enough) to move my top jaw forward and an expander on my top jaw. My lower... READ MORE

I Have A Weak Chin/Jaw, Am I a Batter Candidate For Orthognathic or Implant?

I've been insecure about the lower half of my face for a very long time. I recently spoke with an oral surgeon who informed me that he can correct... READ MORE

Do I need absolutely need orthognathic surgery to fix my asymmetrical face, overbite, crossbite and TMJ? (Photo)

I went to a new dentist last year to get a routine checkup. She said that I needed braces to fix my problematic teeth. She also said that I needed... READ MORE

Should I get jaw surgery? Any alternatives? I'm am 19, have had braces for 6 years.

I have an underbite and my ortho gave me two options: I can get jaw surgery where they will saw my top jaw and move it forward, or I can stick with... READ MORE

If I can't afford surgery for my underbite. What should I do? (Photo)

Insurance won't cover jaw surgery if I was to have the procedure done. My jaw gets sore once in a while because of a far from correct bite. What... READ MORE

Jaw reduction options? (photos)

I feel as if I need a short jawline to soften my lower face. I have researched the procedure and it is commonly preformed on Asians and transgender... READ MORE

Ptotic submandibular gland. Options?

One of my submandibular glands is very noticeable and affects my jawline. I know resection is the best and permanent option, but was wondering if... READ MORE

Is Jaw Surgery Needed for 5 Mm Overbite? Any Alternatives?

Hi, i'm 15 years old and have a 5mm overbite. I don't wish to go for extractions as I've read some articles regarding pulling teeth as a... READ MORE

17 Male, How Do I Broaden My Jaw Bone?

My under the ear part (massater muscles) tapper upto my chin, n it doesn't look good, all i want to do/know is how to broaden the lower back jaw bone... READ MORE

Surgery alternatives to correct underbite? (photo)

I have crowded upper teeth & underbite & an impacted canine. An orthodontist has suggested that I will get best results if I undergo jaw surgery a... READ MORE

What is the alternative to jaw surgery for a recessed lower lip/ jaw? (photo)

I have a receded jaw that causes my lower lip to be behind my upper lip. I have an overbite as well but all my teeth touch. The problem I am having is... READ MORE

Could my open bite and over bite be fixed without orthognathic surgery? (Photo)

I currently have braces on and have begun the orthognathic surgery process, having put this off since I was told I needed it at 17years old. I am now... READ MORE

My upper jaw is more prominent and lower jaw recessed. Is surgery the only option and would it give better results?

I am 22, female. initially i had cross bite and my teeth were not aligned so the dentist pulled out two molar from my upper jaw and expanded my upper... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry After Front Teeth Root Canal, Posts, and Crown, Can this be Fixed Without Surgery? (photo)

I've noticed that I have a slight facial asymmetry. It's my right above my lips on the right side is slightly protruding. It seems as though... READ MORE

Jaw surgery for TMJ and bite correction-Venlay restorations a realistic alternative?

Does anyone know how venlay restorations can realign jaw and fix over/under bites without surgery? It seems impossible yet there are hundreds of... READ MORE

Alternative to orthognathic surgery or SARPE? (Photo)

My mouth is narrow and teeth minorly misaligned with crowding and a slight crossbite and overbite. This accentuates the protrusion of my mouth and jaw... READ MORE

What to do to fix the length of my jaw other than getting invasive jaw surgery? (Photo)

I've hated my jaw for years and have been looking into jaw surgery quite often but can never find a surgeon in my area or ones willing to perform... READ MORE

Would this surgery help me greatly? (Photo)

I'm embarrassed by my profile, I flat out hate it. I'm wondering if this will fix some issues that I currently have with my jaw and face in general.... READ MORE

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