3 Weeks Post-op + Orthognathic Surgery

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Just Had Orthognathic Surgery, Swelling in Lower Lip is Still Very Bad, When Will That Subside?

3 weeks post op I have no feeling in half my face, and even the top of my face feels a little numb, my lower lip is still huge and swelling... READ MORE

Do I need implants after orthognatic surgery to correct facial asymmetry? Or is it just "swelling"? (photos)

17 days ago I went through double jaw surgery with splitting of upper jaw. I can see that my has become more asymmetrical than before. My surgeon and... READ MORE

On 600 Calories or Less a Day Why is my Weight Staying the Same?

I had orthognathic surgery 3 weeks ago and have not been able to get down more than about 600 calories per day for the last 4 or 5 days.(1ensure, some... READ MORE

Not enough jaw definition after lower osteotomy. What are my options now? (photo)

I had a lower jaw osteotomy 3wks ago & though my profiles improved. I still feel that there is not enough definition. Was planning genioplasty with... READ MORE

Jaw surgery - unhappy with the results, especially side profile (Photo)

I recently (3 weeks ago) had a jaw surgery for an overbite on nhs. Moved my jaw forward 5mm and chin 6mm. My teeth currently don't meet and my bite is... READ MORE

is it ok to clench teeth 3 weeks post op double jaw surgery?

3 weeks after my double jaw surgery, i would sometimes accidentally clench my teeth hard. Would this bend my titanium plates holding my lower and... READ MORE

Can I go on fair rides a couple weeks after Jaw Surgery?

I had jaw surgery two and a half weeks ago. I had elastic fixation for the first week, and I've had wired fixation for the last week and a half. My... READ MORE

Had double jaw surgery done 19 days ago, is my top jaw protruding too much? (Photo)

Hello, I had underbite so I decided to go for braces and jaw surgery. In my teeth situation, it was not possible to do the surgery at the end of... READ MORE

Swelling won't go down after 3 weeks, is this normal? (photo)

Hadmy mouth wired do to mandibular surgery on left lower jaw..swelling wont go down will it go back to normal?and y hasnt gone down??please help READ MORE

Why is my right lower jaw swelling getting bigger after my jaw surgery 3 weeks ago?

I had a jaw surgery 3 weeks ago and now my lower jaw is swelling again just after it was decreasing during these 3 weeks. I haven't had any trauma in... READ MORE

Is it normal for my face to hurt three weeks after jaw surgery? Is it possible to be an effect due to an emergency travel?

Last week my family got the news that one of my cousins lost his battle with cystic fibrosis. We immediately packed up and got on a plane to come for... READ MORE

21 days post sliding genioplasty. Will I look like a circus freak forever? (photo)

I had a 5mm advancement and 5mm vertical shortening. I now look awful. Chin is too big and bulky resulting in a concave look. It also juts out when I... READ MORE

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