1 Month Post-op + Orthognathic Surgery

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Will gum tissue grow back after reconstructive jaw surgery? (photo)

I had reconstructive jaw surgery a month ago. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so the surgeon had a difficult time restoring blood flow and the gums... READ MORE

Could Orthognathic Swelling Be the Reason my Rhinoplasty is Looking This Way? (photo)

I had upper jaw surg. and rhino/septoplasty together 25 days ago. I posted a question earlier, but didn't mention the lefort 1 surgery. I had cranial... READ MORE

Can an alar cinch be removed?

I had double jaw surgery 5 weeks ago and now that the swelling has come down I realized I can't pucker my lips. When I try I feel really strong... READ MORE

Why do I have an uneven jaw line after double jaw surgery? What is wrong with my mandible? (Photo)

I had double jaw surgery on August 25, 2014. The swelling in my face has gone down. Now the right side of my face sticks out and when i touch it I... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a double jaw surgery? Say counterclockwise MMC rotation?

Hi Doctors, I had a double jaw surgery 1 month ago. The surgeon did a counterclockwise rotation to my jaws. Now my lower jaw is too prominent from the... READ MORE

1 month post op Jaw surgery & Laser Lipo on neck and chin. I'm still swollen. Is this normal?

Hi there Doctors, I had jaw reduction surgery and laserlipo on the neck and chin. It's been a month already but I'm still swollen, is this normal. I... READ MORE

Lips crooked; nerve or muscle damage? (Photos)

5 wks ago I had double jaw surgery + fat injection to lips (turnout very uneven) dr did microliposuction 2 wks ago (lips). At the moment my lips are... READ MORE

Tongue thrust and shifted bite after sliding genioplasty?

Hello, I had a s.g 4 weeks ago ( 5mm). Since surgery my tongue does not know where to rest inside my mouth. It sticks out between my teeth like I have... READ MORE

How soon after double jaw surgery can I have my braces adjusted/wires changed?

I had orthognathic surgery on 9/7/16 to correct a Class III underbite. My upper jaw was moved forward and widened, lower jaw was moved back and I had... READ MORE

Jaw implant removal after one month, will there be an infection?

My friend had jaw implants one month ago with sutures, no screws. they know its still swollen but also know for a fact that they are not going to like... READ MORE

I had underbite surgery it's almost been five weeks after my surgery. I'm only able to get 2 finger widths in, is that normal?

I'm only able to put 2 finger widths in my mouth,is that normal? How long should it take for me to regain full jaw mobility because I'm starting to worry READ MORE

I had to have reconstructive jaw surgery, which included a flap on my neck. Should I be concerned with this drainage?

Four weeks after the surgery I developed a "fluid pocket". I have a tiny hole on the corner where the flap connects with my neck. Saw the doctor on... READ MORE

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