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2 Weeks Post Tip Plasty: Will my Nose Bridge Go Lower?

I had a tip plasty about 2 weeks ago. Before I had the ops, I told my doc to build my tip and reduce the width of my tip. This is my 4th revision. I... READ MORE

Nasal Surgery After Accident - Worried About Vocal Cord Damage with General Anesthesia

I'm a singer and I'm worried about having rhinoplasty. weeks ago, I was hit in the nose and I have not been breathing right since. I feel my... READ MORE

Could Upper Lateral Cartilage of Moved with the Slightest of Pressure?

2 days after my splint was removed (8 days post opp) I was trying to wipe the side of my nose (as it was sticky from an external metal plate splint).... READ MORE

Closed reduction nasal fracture cast fell off. Should I be worried?

I had closed reduction for a nasal fracture on Thursday it is now Monday and my hard external cast has fallen off.. Should I be worried? Or put it... READ MORE

Nose cartilage dented after cocaine usage, will it get worse?

So I recently stopped doing coke but I have a dent in both sides of my nose it's not a hole but I could feel the dent. Should I be worried that it's... READ MORE

Bump on my nose - 7 years post-op surgery for fractured nose. (photos)

This morning my daughter had dropped my phone on my nose causing a bump and bruise ! I had a nose surgery for my nose because I had fractured nose 7... READ MORE

Soft Lump Inside Left Nostril? (photo)

Hello I woke up this morning with a soft bump inside my nostril, very close to the bridge of the nose. It is not painful in anyway but when I feel it... READ MORE

Post Nose Surgery: Hard Lump Under the Skin of the Nose

I just had a surgery more than 20 days ago. I've had the side of my nostril reduced and corrected. ( only one side) My surgeon performed the... READ MORE

Concerns over Nose Job and Use of Accutane

I had an open nose surgery a little three weeks ago here in Denmark. I would ask my surgeon, but the clinic is closed for the next 3 weeks. Before... READ MORE

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