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Turned Up Nose and Visible Nostrils After Surgery, Options?

Hi, I had my nose job 3 weeks ago. 3 days ago my cast got off and İ saw my nose. I don't like the result, my nose is turned up way too much so my ... READ MORE

What Causes a Short Nose?

I am an adult male caucasian who has a really short upturned nose with a shallow nasal bridge. I know what needs to be done to fix this since I have... READ MORE

Costs of Fixing an Upturned Nose and How Long Would Recovery Be?

I hate my nose. It is pointy and up-turned. I am just curious if a week off of work would be okay? READ MORE

Can a nose bridge be built up? (Photos)

I had sx just to narrow the bridge of my nose. I hoped to keep the length and downward facing tip, as well as the convex curve of my profile. Fascia... READ MORE

Nose Surgery and My Tip is Upturned

Hi I have just had my nose done, is looks nice from the front profile but at a side angle it is pointing up too much should i worry about this or will... READ MORE

How Many Types of Tip Rotation Are There? And Can Rotation Be Changed when I Have Columella Strut in my Nose?

Hello, I would like to ask if there is more types of tip rotation? Because it seems there are two types of tip rotation. One is rotation only the tip... READ MORE

I have deviated septum and an upturned nose. What surgery would I need? And will my nose tip be affected?

I have a deviated septum which is causing me breathing problems not only is it hard to breathe but it causes sinuses as well also my nose is an... READ MORE

"Nose Right" for Upturned Nose?

Hi i was ordering a nose right. I have a up nose (just the tip) and will this help? Will my nose go back to the original shape if I stop using it?... READ MORE

Age 18, Upturned Nose, Do I Have Any Options Through NHS? (photo)

I Have an Upturned Nose Which Really Effects Me,is There Any Way I Could Get an Operation on the NHS As I Can't Afford It(im 18) READ MORE

Will Lowering the Nose Angle Widen My Nostrils?

My nose is upturned over 100 degrees. Will lowering a nose case it to be more projected and/or cause the nostrils to be wider? ... My nose is already... READ MORE

Will Taping my Tip Upwards 3.5 Weeks After Surgery Really Help my Tip to Stay Up Where It's Supposed to Be?

I taped it for the first time last night, and was very happy this morning to see it lifted where it should be when I removed the tape. It stayed that... READ MORE

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