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My Nostrils Are Asymmetrical, is This a Problem?

I am not big on nostril knowledge, but my two nostrils are pretty asymmetrical.my right nostril is much more round than the left, and I rarely ever... READ MORE

What can I do to make my nostrils more even? (photo)

Have had a cyst moved from my nose about 10 yrs ago from messing with nose to much. as you can see by the pictures one nostril looks completeley... READ MORE

Nasal Bump/misaligned Nostrils? (photo)

Since my nasal bump only shows up on one side, I thought I might have a deviated septum (I do get sinus infections frequently). Also, why is one of my... READ MORE

Problems Breathing Through my Nose? (photo)

So i've been having this problem for a while. my left nostril is smaller then the right one. and i have ashtma to so it's even harder to breath... READ MORE

Injections to Fix Minor Flaw from Nose Job?

Is there a way that a surgeon/doctor could inject some type of filler into my uneven nostril to match the other one? I got a nose job 8 months ago and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils -> Asymmetrical Nose! Filler or Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I need to mention, that english isn't my mother tongue. The Problem of my nose is that one nostril is higher and a little bit bigger than the other... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils, is this fixable?

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery 3 years ago, not happy with the results. my nostrils are not even. About a year ago I went back to the surgeon and... READ MORE

Do I need surgery on my nose?

About 3 to 4 months ago. I kicked my brother but my knee came back and hit my nose. I rembemer i heard a crack and right away my nose started bleeding... READ MORE

Would nose surgery fix my problem?

One of my nostrils being bigger than the other. This is a result of being born with undeveloped lungs that required a tube to be stuck into my nostril... READ MORE

My nostrils are not evenly sized. My right nostril is wider and my left is narrower.

When I breathe with my hand near my nose, I only feel air coming out from my right nostril and little air from my left nostril. READ MORE

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