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Can breathe right strips make your nose wider?

I suffer from mid vault collapse, vestibular stenosis and turbinate swelling. I am 100% opposed to surgery. I have a nice narrow, small nose and do... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask an ENT Before Surgery on my Nose?

I'm planning to have surgery with an ENT doctor next month. He is fixing my deviated septum, my fractured nose (closed) and turbinate hyper trophy... READ MORE

Do Enlarged Lower Turbinates Always Show Up on a CT Scan?

I have been told that I need my lower turbinates cauterized, infractured, and a portion of them removed because they are enlarged and is blocking my... READ MORE

What is the Best Technique to Operate on Turbinates?

I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates (due to the deviation), I also have no tonsils and sometimes I feel very cold almost no filtration... READ MORE

I Had Laser Surgery on my Nasal Turbinates, the Inflammation Returned After a Few Days and the Swelling Wont Go Back Down?

I had had it once in 2005 and the inflammation disappeared until my last few days at university where they re swelled. I had surgery again in February... READ MORE

Does the Reduction of One Inferior Turbinate Have Any Affect on an Untouched Turbinate on the Other Side?

According to the surgical report, the Dr. operated only on the right turbinate. Here is how the surgical report reads: "I went ahead and reduced... READ MORE

What Are Your Diagnosis and Second Opinion? (photo)

I had swollen turbinates got turbinate surgery done and after 6 to 7 months again the turbinates are swollen.Before and after surgery my anterior... READ MORE

Can enlarged turbinates or turbinate hypertrophy cause pain and more nasal valve collapse?

Recently had one of my turbinates enlarged with a new treatment because it was too small from radio frequency. Now that my turns are larger they are... READ MORE

Strategy for Finding a Doctor Who Has Expertise in Treating Hypertrophied Turbinates?

I've had 5 surgeries for nasal congestion. The last surgery was a month ago. Things are better but I'm still congested. I had asked a similar question... READ MORE

I had my turbinates cauterized six months ago. It has helped a lot but not enough.

When I sleep the right side of my nose gets quite congested. I had my turbinates cauterized six months ago. It has helped at lot but not enough. When... READ MORE

What is the best way to heal an atrophic/pale turbinate?

Any treatments that are effective? Best topical products? Anything topical that could promote healing such as aloe vera? I had radiofrequency and now... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between an Enlarged Turbinate and a Polyp?

I want to know the difference between enlarge turbinate and polyp READ MORE

Should I be Put to Sleep to Have Turbinates Removed?

Hi, and thank you for the answers you docs have given me about the scar tissue inside my nose, and worrying about my results. I truly appreciate it. I... READ MORE

What is the "Roof" of the Nose "Coated" With? Is It Full of Nerves?

My upper part of the nose brige hurts(on one side only).It's very hard to localize it, but now I suspect the tender point is exactly UNDER the bone,... READ MORE

Would Enlarged IT or Moderate Nasal Valve Collapse Be More Likely to Cause Infections?

Just wondering if an enlarged inferior turbinate , or a moderate nasal valve collapse would be more likely to cause repeated infections??I was told it... READ MORE

I had Septum & Turbinate surgery recently & it seems like the middle area of my nose is now larger then before. Is this normal?

I had a Septum and Turbinate surgery in Florida recently and it seems like the middle area of my nose is now larger then before. Is this... READ MORE

Microdebrider assisted turbinoplasty in Europe?

I have vasomotor rhinitis for 8 years and can't breathe trough my nose. Vasoconstriction nasal sprays are the only thing that helps. I did... READ MORE

Do I need a revision surgery or not?

Sir my name is Deepak. I recently a surgery to improve my nasal airway. I was treated for DNS and turbinate hypertrophy.Well there is no deviation now... READ MORE

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