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How Can I Tell if my Nose is Just Badly Bruised?

I was punched in the face by a security gaurd 11 days ago. I had a nice red mark across the bridge of my nose for almost a week. The bridge and the... READ MORE

Deviated Nasal Bone Fix? (photo)

Hi, my nose is slightly crooked and deviates to the right. It was not caused by trauma but I was hoping that it could be fixed with injections to fill... READ MORE

Can you break your nose without it hurting? I had nose trauma and I've had a deviated septum ever since. Can this be fixed?

I've had some trauma to my nose. It never hurt. Never bled. The trauma was when I was 16, so my nose was fully grown. My nose did not change shape.... READ MORE

Could my Crooked Nose Be Covered by Insurance? (photo)

I have a deviated septum. I had an accident about 10 years ago that probably caused it along with my crooked nose Q1) I was wondering if my nose would... READ MORE

Trauma to the Nose Affects Cartilage and Make It Look Big?

When I was 12 I took a hard blow to the left side of my nose. I know that's where I got the hump and the reason why my nose is sorta crooked, I'm... READ MORE

Can lower lateral cartilage be avulsed?

I recently suffered a trauma that I believe caused my lower lateral cartilage to tear from it's connection to the upper lateral cartilage, it feels... READ MORE

Can Minor Nausal Trauma Cause the Nose to Be Wider on the Bridge and Make a Hump Worse? (photo)

I hit my nose (frontally) around two weeks ago, I never thought it could be broken, so I only went to the doctor after the swelling disappeared and I... READ MORE

Can the right-side triangle nasal bone get back in the original place after trauma?

I had been kicked in the right side of my nose the so, the right right side triangle bone had been gone inside about 1 millimeter in clear limits I... READ MORE

Is my nose permanently deformed or just still swollen?

About two weeks ago a took a nasty spill and landed straight on my nose. The next few days I was very swollen and tender, but not in too much pain.... READ MORE

Breathing Problems After Blunt Trauma to the Eye?

2 months ago I suffered blunt trauma to my left eye. I had reconstructive surgery to my orbital floor and cheek after CT scan results. My left nostril... READ MORE

Can a traumatized nose heal itself over the years?

I have had many cases of light trauma to my nose, but never a case where it was "smack" actually obviously broken. In fact the shape is still intact... READ MORE

Headache before nose surgery. Is it safe to get nose surgery?

I had a trauma about 10 days ago and my head was hurting since then I vomited the day after twice.I bro my nose but my head is hurting my eye is still... READ MORE

I read that you need to provide documentation of the initial trauma, but I don't have any, will I still be covered?

I have had my nose seriously damaged twice in my life, and on both occasions no documentation has ever been recorded, the first time happened many... READ MORE

Do I have trauma nasal? (photos)

So a couple years ago I fell when I was sleeping the bed was high my nose started bleeding ever since that day my nose bleed a lot I always get hit by... READ MORE

Old nasal fracture now causes bridge to swell/widen for months with the slightest trauma. Would surgery help?

Sustained school sports nasal fracture 20 years ago resulting in slightly twisted nose. Main issue now is the slightest trauma (causing a side flex of... READ MORE

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