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Big Nose. Will Nasofix Work For Me or Should I Get Surgery? (photo)

My nose is too big for my face.Will using a device like nasofix actually help or should I opt for corrective surgery? What kind or corrective surgery... READ MORE

What Kind of Rhinoplasty Would You Recommend? (photo)

Dear all,in my opinion my nose is too large, too long, too bulbous at the tip and the nostrils are way too large. worst: in my profile the nose always... READ MORE

I feel my nose is a bit too large for the rest of my face. Am I a Good Candidate for Nasal Tip Refinement? (photo)

I am interested in a tip refinement as I rather like my profile and the bridge of my nose. In your opinion would a tip refinement help balance my... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Look Better?

I've always thought my nose is too big Recently Can Rhinoplasty help me make it look better? What needs to be done? READ MORE

Should I Fix my Nose? (photo)

Backround: Born a premature baby, tubes in nose when young, had nosebleeds often as a kid, surgery to remove some bump in my nose that caused it... READ MORE

Would I be okay with just tip refinement? (photo)

I'm ok with the side profile of my nose, my biggest concern is from the front how big my nose is & I was wondering if I can get away with just getting... READ MORE

Is my Tip Too Large? 5 Months Post Op. (photo)

I have heard it takes the tip (if you've had tip work done) to loose it's swelling. Is this true? It's been 5 months, I'm wondering how much more the... READ MORE

Premax implant making my tip and columnellar stiff when I smile. Could it be too big?

It has been almost a year now, before when i used to smile i would be able to bare all of my teeth, part of my upper gums, and my upper lip would be... READ MORE

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