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Cyst Removal - Will This Dented Scar on my Nose Fill In?

About 3 weeks ago I had a small red cyst removed from the tip of my nose. Now I'm left with what looks like a chunk missing . It's light red... READ MORE

Narrowing Nasal Bridge & Tip

Is it possible to narrow/thin the bridge of the nose without using any grafts or breaking any bones? Also, what procedure is commonly used to narrow a... READ MORE

Silicone Nose Implant Risks and Replacement Rate?

I had an I-silicone implant in my nose with ear cartilage grafting on the tip. What are the chances of infection, extrusion, and skin thinness? and... READ MORE

Reducing an Over-Projecting Tip ("Pinocchio Nose")

My doctor has suggested 2 ways to reduce the over projecting tip. 1 way would be to remove a piece from the columella to pull down the over projecting... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum if I get headaches and breathe better in 1 nostril? Also, how much to fix just the tip of my nose?

I have always had horrible headaches and I feel i breathe better in one nostril. also, I have a horrible pointy tip on the end of my nose. about how... READ MORE

Tip Bulbosity in Aging Nose

As a result of a aging nose, I'm confronted with tip bulbosity. By resecting some cartilage or dome suturing this can be narrowed. However lower... READ MORE

Tip Swelling After Kenalog Injection

I have an open surgeon using the rib bone to reduce my nose tip about 1.5 years ago,but my nose tip is so swollen and hard. The situation does not get... READ MORE

Nose Tip Shortening: Are Nostrils-wings & Nostrils Shortened Too?

When you would like to get shorten your nosetip to get a more harmonic and little nose result (to decrease/reduce the pullin out): Are your... READ MORE

Can My Uneven Nasal Tip Be Fixed? (photo)

I have an uneven nasal tip. It is mostly visible when I look down. It makes my nose look crooked and I would like to get it fixed. My concern is that... READ MORE

Split in a Nostril Tip Repair Can Be Rounded?

A childhood split in a nostril tip healed in a v-shaped point. When my nose is runny moisture collects there, itches, and sometimes threatens to drip.... READ MORE

Can I get nostril reduction and tip reduction? (photos)

I have wide asymmetrical nostrils and a bulbous drooping tip, but I DON'T need a full rhinoplasty procedure. I just want to get the bottom half of my... READ MORE

Grafts for Aging Nose

Which grafts, besides a columnella strut, could you place to strengthen the cartilage framework in the tip to correct a aging nose? Will this grafts... READ MORE

Can I Get Help With Lots Of Questions 2 Months After Rhino? (photo)

So it's been 2 months since rhino, I have some questions on nose shape. First, will the columella, nostrils and tip decrease in size or is this the... READ MORE

Yawning After Tip Plasty

Will yawning vigorously/widely after tip grafting + nose lengthening affect tip shape? i seem to yawn so much more after surgery and i can't... READ MORE

If only bone reshaping Osteotomy is performed, will the tip swell? If so, is there a risk of scar tissue forming in tip?

Tip has already been rebuilt with ear cartilage in a second revision. Only osteotomy of nasal bones would be performed in regards to the question above. READ MORE

This has been going on for 3-4 years now, and I'm curious as to why it has gotten to such a bad state? (photo)

I'm 18 and my crooked nose has been getting worse each year. My breathing through my right nostril is pretty awful, which makes me assume I have a... READ MORE

Follow-up: I have a small lump of cartilage on my nostril that I would like removed. (photos)

I had a nose job done over 10 years ago. Overall, I'm happy with the results but over time I've developed this small lump on my nostril. I think it's... READ MORE

Procedures to Reduce Nostril Width and Bulbous Nose Tip?

What kind of procedures would make my nose proportionate to my face? As you can see it is extremly wide. Probably one of the widest you've seen. I... READ MORE

Cartilage Graft Vs Cartilage Removal for Nose Tip?

I have a droopy tip, especially when I smile. I need tip work done but I don't need sutures. After consulting with a few surgeons, some recommended a... READ MORE

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