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I Just Broke my Nose About 3 Days Ago. What is the Time Table to Have It Reset?

With the break being so fresh they wouldn't have to re break the nose would they? Would my injury require a reset to the broken nose? READ MORE

How Extensive of a Procedure Would I Need for an Overprojected Nose? (photo)

Hello, I have a pretty big nose that I have always felt uncomfortable with. I believe that it sticks out too far from my face. I've always... READ MORE

Isolated Hanging Columella Surgery Implications? (photo)

I have a hanging columella & the inside of my nostrils show a lot (particularly right profile). I’ve never had a rhinoplasty & I’d like to cor... READ MORE

Nose Job 5 Months Before my Wedding? Is It a Good Idea?

Im getting married on january and im thinking about having a nose job on august. is it a good idea? or its beter to wait after wedding?? my nose is so... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty After Turbinate Cauterization?

Im going to have turbinate cauterization (just soft tissue) done soon and was wondering whether its advisable I got rhinoplasty done 8 weeks after the... READ MORE

Is Three Weeks Enough Time to Recover After Having the Nasal Bone Rasped?

I would be getting about 2 mm rasped off my dorsal hump and a slight bump on the left side of my nose rasped. The surgeon said it would be an... READ MORE

Getting Married 3 Months After Nose Surgery: Enough Time For Swelling to go Away?

Hello! I will be getting married after 102 days(3months). And before that, I am planning to have a Nose Silicone Implant and Alar Trimming. Is the... READ MORE

Composite Alar Rim Graft, Raise in Time?

I had an alar rim graft put in on one side four weeks ago. Now, that side, which was higher before, is lower than the other. Dr says it will come up a... READ MORE

Surgery required for broken nose - How quickly can my daughter return to basketball?

Daughter plays basketball and broke her nose. Still playing and wearing the hard mask for protection. She had a ct scan done and it showed that her... READ MORE

Can a Spreader Graft Be Removed After It Has Been in Place for Several Years?

I had a non-functional (i.e. not for breathing purposes) spreader graft inserted several years ago; the graft was inserted merely to improve... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Implant While Using Marijuana?

I use medical marijuana and have been for several months. I don't smoke it everyday, but I would say I do it once or twice a week. My question is,... READ MORE

Nose break - timeframe on cartilage alignment?

After a nose break, is there a time-frame on realigning minor cartilage displacement? The bone has healed fine but there is some minor displacement in... READ MORE

How Soon After a Nose Filing Can Another One Be Done?

How Soon After a Nose Filing Can Another One Be Done? READ MORE

How long to wait before having a second surgery to repair a purported septum?

I had surgery to repair a blocked airway due to a broken nose a little over year ago. I recently had a second surgery because the first surgery... READ MORE

How long does a head ache last after a broken nose?

I broke my nose on March 14th, and I have had a horrible head ache that only goes away if I push downward on the skin on my forehead and then it feels... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Scars from Alar Reduction on Nose to Last?

I went for an alar reduction on my nose abt two months before. I was told scarring is to be expected along the boundaries of my nose and face. It has... READ MORE

Trimming Nose Hair After Alarplasty Surgery-how Soon Can I?

I am planning on having alarplasty to reduce my nostril size. I have rapid growth (so embarassing) of nose hair and was wondering how soon can I trim... READ MORE

When Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana And Drink Alcohol After Nose Surgery?

I just had nose surgery 5 days ago im wondering when its safe to start partying. im a heavy marijuana smoker, i smoke 2-3 times everyday, and i... READ MORE

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