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Why Does Skin Thickness Matter for Nose Surgery?

How does the thickness of my skin affect the results of my rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Thick Skinned Bulbous Tip - What Can be Done?

Hi there, I've attached 2 pictures of my nose showing front and side views. I've had an appointment with my surgeon who basically told me he... READ MORE

Four Kenalog Injections and Nose is Still Swollen

I'm African American & have really thick skin. I'm 9 months post-op, but nose is still swollen. I'm not happy, it still doesn't... READ MORE

Does the Nose Continue to Produce Oil and Grow After Age 20?

Hi I have thick skin on my nose , i see black dots on my nose , so I think I have oily skin , my nose and nose tip is large , I want to know does my... READ MORE

Unhappy With First Nose Job. Would Like it Smaller? (photo)

Hi! I had a nosejob done in 2009 with a sad result. There was no improvements. I have heard the skin of my nose is thick and that makes it harder to... READ MORE

How to Thin the Thick Skin of the Nostrils?

Hello, I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, the doctor put alar grafts because I had a rather pinched look. But now I feel like the skin of my nostrils is... READ MORE

Treatments to Make Nose Skin Thinner?

I had a rhinoplasty over 2 years ago and was happy with the results. Unfortunately 6 months ago I had a flareup of rosacea that led to pustules and... READ MORE

Can a Surgery Be Done on a Real Thick Skin Nose? (photo)

For the last 5 years i have always thought of a nose surgery but with the research that i have done it seems that nothing can be done to my bulbous... READ MORE

Poor Rhinoplasty Results - Scarring or Thick Skin? (photo)

The first 6 mos the results of my rhinoplasty were pretty good. The 2nd year my nose appeared to get longer and the tip more pronounced. It now looks... READ MORE

Is there a procedure or a cream that can make my nose have a thinner layer of skin? hate how big and thick my nose is (photo)

I hate how thick and out my nose is. I can deal with the it being out but I would love for my nose to not be so thick skinned. In fact it takes up... READ MORE

Is Using Steroid Injection in my Condition Better Than Surgical Correction? (photo)

I've underwent a plastic surgery of my left narrow nostril, for which, a skin graft was used. The narrowing has slightly improved and the plastic... READ MORE

How Far Can This Nose Be Improved? (photo)

It's my senior year and god knows how I've been through high school with this nose. I'm Indian by origin and not many Indians have noses similar to... READ MORE

Nose is thick with soft cartilage, is there an easy surgery or laser surgery to fix this? (photos)

My skin is thick with soft cartilage (when i pinch my ear it feels very soft ). .but,is it possible that there`s excess fat in my nose tip??can it be... READ MORE

I had nose surgery and my nose tip continued growing, I have thick and olive skin on nose, is Depomedrol injection good? (photo)

Now since I am going to have malaroplastic (with medpor implants) to solve the malar ipoplasia connected to third class malocclusion, I have asked the... READ MORE

Can thick alar skin be treated by non invasive face based RF treatment/ultrasonic cavitation/nano-surgery used for face?

Can it be treated by topical aminophylline+caffeine +yohimbine in sub cutaneous carrier(dmso) ? Can it be treated by lecithin + deoxycholate in sub... READ MORE

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