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Could my son's nose be broken without significant swelling or bleeding? (photo)

My 7 year old fell flat on his face at the skating rink this afternoon. He complained of pain in his nose and upper gums. There was no bleeding, but... READ MORE

Swelling or Bone Misalignment After Nose Surgery?

I had a Rhinoplasty with Tiplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinate reduction on March 25. I had a large dorsal hump which I hated. When the cast came off, my... READ MORE

2 Years Post Nose Surgery: Tip is Still Swollen

Hello all, In August I will be approaching 2 years post-surgery (to fix a bump in my nose and a slightly downward tip). I'm very happy with the... READ MORE

Can breathe right strips make your nose wider?

I suffer from mid vault collapse, vestibular stenosis and turbinate swelling. I am 100% opposed to surgery. I have a nice narrow, small nose and do... READ MORE

Four Kenalog Injections and Nose is Still Swollen

I'm African American & have really thick skin. I'm 9 months post-op, but nose is still swollen. I'm not happy, it still doesn't... READ MORE

1 Month Post Osteotomy: Is This Swelling Normal?

Is there usually more swelling when bones are rasped then broken to narrow an area? I had an upper hump removed then the bones were broken to narrow... READ MORE

Tip Swelling After Kenalog Injection

I have an open surgeon using the rib bone to reduce my nose tip about 1.5 years ago,but my nose tip is so swollen and hard. The situation does not get... READ MORE

Ok Clumsy Me Ran into a Door Opening, and my Nose Now Hurts Really Bad is It Broke?

Im extremly clumsy and I ran into a door the was opening and pressure came on to my nose instently it started to bleed BAD and i got really dizzy I... READ MORE

Should I see a physician for a possible fractured nose?

I was hit in the face at my nose two days ago. There was immediate bleeding mostly from the right side and a quarter size blood clot was pulled out... READ MORE

Nose Still Swollen 4 Months After Injury?

I fractured my nose over 4 months ago but the injury did not seem severe and I never visited a doctor. I had all the main symptoms associated with the... READ MORE

Painful Nose and Swelling Three Years After Surgery for a Fractured Nose? (photo)

I have fractured my nose twice, 2001 and 2009 each was followed by surgery to repair. After the first surgery everything healed properly and I never... READ MORE

Getting Married 3 Months After Nose Surgery: Enough Time For Swelling to go Away?

Hello! I will be getting married after 102 days(3months). And before that, I am planning to have a Nose Silicone Implant and Alar Trimming. Is the... READ MORE

Swelling for Almost 6 Months and Deviated Septum on the Outside?

I had a blow to the left side of my nose on the 12th of May this year and there was a small cut in my nose that has already healed and dissapeared but... READ MORE

Is There a Logical Explanation to Why my Nose (I Am 19 Days Post Op) Looks So Great in Person but Absolutely Horrid in Pictures?

I had a ton of bruising and swelling. i actually bruised on my lower cheeks as well from swelling up so much. i am an extremely slow healer so i wasnt... READ MORE

Could Post-Surgery Swelling Eventually Influence the growth of Scar Tissue?

I didn't have rhinoplasty but had premaxillary implant put in through an incision in my nose, aswell as cheek implants placed 8 weeks ago and then... READ MORE

Can You Have a Broken Nose Without Bleeding?

My toddler fell flat on her face 36 hours ago. She had no bleeding and very little swelling. That was Monday night. Yesterday, she looked and felt... READ MORE

Post Nose Surgery: Hard Lump Under the Skin of the Nose

I just had a surgery more than 20 days ago. I've had the side of my nostril reduced and corrected. ( only one side) My surgeon performed the... READ MORE

Swollen on Either Side of my Nose (photo)

My surgery was August 2011 so it is now going on 8 months after surgery. I had a deviated septum fixed and a small bump on my nose removed. I had... READ MORE

Options to Treat Nose Skin Damaged While Blackhead/whitehead Removal?

Few weeks back my wife removed blackheads & whiteheads from my nose using a steel instrument. During the session she used excessive pressure... READ MORE

Nose Swells, Peels, & Finds a Pore to Bleed from. What is it?

Hi, I have been going insane for years. And the problem has gotten worse. Over and over my nose will swell with blood. Then the pores and skin gets... READ MORE

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