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Will Getting Surgery on my Deviated Septum Straighten my Nose? (photo)

I broke my nose some years back and now it is all messed up. I have a appointment with a ENT soon to get it checked out. But i am just wondering if... READ MORE

How to straighten little tilted nose?

I'm 16 years old male, I discovered that may nose is tilted little right. I have severe septum deviation, and am planning for Septoplasty when I'm 18.... READ MORE

Could my Crooked Nose Be Covered by Insurance? (photo)

I have a deviated septum. I had an accident about 10 years ago that probably caused it along with my crooked nose Q1) I was wondering if my nose would... READ MORE

Will my nose be ruined for taking my external splint off early?

I recently broke my nose but luckily it was all cosmetic and didn't require internal surgery of my nose. Monday I had my procedure to straighten out... READ MORE

Slanted Nose. Can I Fix the Alignment?

I've been told my septum looks straight inside the nose, yet my bridge from my radix to tip gradually slants towards the right side, without any... READ MORE

In my Right Nostril my Cartilage Pops in and out. How Do I Make it Straight?

Like I can press on it and it can pop back up but I don't get how to make it straight how it used to be. I just want it to be straight and normal but... READ MORE

Nose Problem. Need to Straighten? (photo)

Sir..i m 16 yrs old boy and my ques. " Is It Possible That My Nose Could Be Straight" My nose is slightly narrow from the bottom. its just towards... READ MORE

Can & should a closed nasal reduction be performed again after being unsuccessful the first time? (Photo)

My 9 yr old son was hit in the nose with a baseball. X-rays showed no fracture at urgent care. Took him to ENT for second opinion. ENT scheduled... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my broken nose? (photos)

Hi I broke my nose about 3 months ago and it's set again and is crooked can my nose be straightened after 3 months of getting it broke please help thanks READ MORE

I broke my nose 2-3 months ago. Can it be put back into place? (Photo)

I broke my nose almost 3 months ago and it has affected my breathing, i have only just realised that it is also out of place and now i'm starting to... READ MORE

I broke my nose 12 years ago, is it possible to fix it, so it looks straight? (Photos)

My nose is now broken for 12 years, can it be fixed to look straight because it's shifted to the left. I want it to look straight, is this possible? READ MORE

Fractured nose diagnosis?

Hi, I was recently assaulted (punched on the side of my nose/cheek). My nose was fractured and out of shape. I had it realigned 2 weeks after the... READ MORE

I wanted to know if doctors use internal splints to help straighten a broken nose after closed reduction?

I broke my nose a while ago, bilateral fracture of nasal bones with modest displacement of dorsum, the doctor did a closed reduction in office, but he... READ MORE

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