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Did I Split Stitches in my Nose?

Hi i had surgery on my nose to correct my septom & to fix the appearance. Its been 10 days since my surgery & after eating dinner yesterday i... READ MORE

Does skin graft look like a scab?

I had a deep tumor, and needed a skin graft on my nose. It is now 18 days after, and the graft is dark, like a scab. The dressing was stitched on and... READ MORE

I had nasal fracture on 9 September. The ENT went for operation on 11. How much time will it take the bones to heal?

There was a cut was on my nose near right eye doctor applied internal stitch .does it will leave mark on my skin ? I am not satisfied with a shape of... READ MORE

What product is there to conceal the stitches on the nostril and lower right cheek?

My wife had surgery to remove cancer from her nostril and now that she is headed back to work, I was wondering if there is a product on the market... READ MORE

How long should I keep stitches in for a broken nose? (external wound).

I was elbowed in the face 10 days ago and received a broken nose and required stitches for a 1cm wound on my nose (external). I need plastic surgery... READ MORE

My 4 yo son had a congenital nasal pit removed 16 days ago. Should stitches have been removed by now?

The next appointment is for 22 days post op. The wound was only 5 mom deep and about 5 mom across. Is this too long for the stitch to be in? We had to... READ MORE

Is it safe being put to sleep to push broken nose bone back in place?

Having surgery today on my nose that was broken 12 days ago.. I had the stitches removed 4 days ago. But my doctor going put me sleep and use his... READ MORE

10 days post op, I accidentally took out a stitch by cleaning my nose and cause a bump. Will it get worse?

I just got a nose surgery June 6 and on the following Tuesday I accidentally took out a stitch by cleaning my nose. Right now there is a bump on... READ MORE

Will top superficial stitches, marks heal on their own or could they scar? 1 month post-op.

Bottom stitches are absorbable sutures. I had a scar revision on nose bridge 4 weeks age. 3 week age I had the top superficial stitches remove and now... READ MORE

Is using Saline Rinse safe after having multiple procedures done in nose?

Some of my sinuses had collapsed so they were stitched up, polyps were removed and a bone was take out. I am nervous to put water and the pressure... READ MORE

I Went Through Revision Nose Surgery Four Months Ago Open from Wings Sides?

I noticed that one nostril wing side is stitched slightly higher than the other side, i see little tendency of the nose tip toward the higher side... READ MORE

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