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Can a perforated septum heal itself?

I have a perforated septum most likely from nose surgery a year ago to correct a deviated septum or from using a nasal steroid to treat allergies for... READ MORE

Post-op Steroid Injections Lightened Skin on Nose - Permanent?

Will the steriod injections damages heal?i ve got it one month after rhinoplasty.the color of my skin has been lightened in some parts of my nose. READ MORE

What is a Steroid Injection for Rhinoplasty?

Hello :) I keep reading about steroid injections. I am 5 weeks post-op and I find my tip rather Bulbous. It Was bulbous pre surgery and thus the point... READ MORE

Tip wide and swollen even after steroid injection. (2 months post-rhinoplasty). What to do? (photo)

3 weeks ago my surgeon gave me a steroid injection to reduce post-op swelling. The supratip is no longer swollen, but from the front the nose still... READ MORE

Almost 12 months post op and looking and feeling more and more deformed everyday? (Photos)

Help. Aside from having a seriously botched nose job my skin has suffered pretty badly and is quite painful to touch. Can skin be repaired for example... READ MORE

What to do when medicine is not helping to alleviate post nasal drip?

I have been suffering with post nasal drip since December 2014, and it's causing me to cough constantly with no relief in sight! My ENT has given me... READ MORE

Can a Short Term Course of Prednisone Cause Hip Necrosis?

I recently got prescribed a short term course of corticoids for post-rhinoplasty swelling. I took 60 mg for 4 days, then 40 for one day and the... READ MORE

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