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Drooping Tip when I Smile

It seems when i smile from the side view my tip seems to slighty go down and on the bridge closest to my tip seems to curve. I do feel fine with my... READ MORE

Deviated Septum? When I smile the tip of my nose doesn't line up right, but it looks fine when I tip my head back? (photo)

How could I fix this? What is wrong? And is it very noticeable? Oh and does it affect breathing? READ MORE

What Type of Nosejob Can Prevent my Nasal Widening when I'm Smiling? And Also Make my Upper Lip Go Up and Show my Teeth? (photo)

I'm looking for a nose job that can reduce the nose from widening when smiling. and if possible can it also make my upper lip go up to show teeth?.... READ MORE

Will Cutting the Depressor Septi Nasi Make my Upper Lip Cover Less of my Upper Teeth when I Smile?

Hello, I am supposed to be getting rhinoplasty later this month.My doctor said he'd be cutting the depressor septi nasi to prevent my tip from... READ MORE

Could cutting depressor septi muscle improve the nose tip? (photo)

I'm looking for a minimally invasive way to lift my nose tip. Could Botox or cutting the depressor septi muscle improve these areas? My nose does turn... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Surgery in Southern California

The biggest problem for me is that my nose looks huge when I smile and takes over my face. What would a plastic surgeon suggest? Is this... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make the Nose Thinner Only when Smiling?

Is there a type of alar base reduction that only affects the nose when smiling? Or will the nose look thinner all the time? My nose is only wide when... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Nose Where the Nostrils Look Separate from the Rest of my Nose? (photo)

It is more obvious when I smile. My nose has vertical lines in my profile view. READ MORE

Premax implant making my tip and columnellar stiff when I smile. Could it be too big?

It has been almost a year now, before when i used to smile i would be able to bare all of my teeth, part of my upper gums, and my upper lip would be... READ MORE

Do you know if my nose will still hurt after the remove of the plaster?

I did a nose operation and still have not removed plaster. But when I smile my nose hurts . Do you know if this will happen after i remove the plaster... READ MORE

Septi muscle cut, affected my smile?

I had a surgery done 3 weeks ago. I had a big hump and a extremly drooping nose tip. My ps rotated my nose tip and cut my depressor muscle. At first... READ MORE

Alar Cinch Suture Ruined my Smile. What To Do?

Hi , I had alar stitch 8 weeks ago. 1 week ago I was prescribed oral steroids as my top lip was inflammed . It's helped somewhat but the area is... READ MORE

Dental surgery or nose surgery? (photo)

I can never smile with my teeth showing it looks akward my nose seems to get wider and my lips start looking thinner. im not sure if its because my... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid from the skin knot appears while smiling. (photos)

Hello doctor, My nose was very wide and when i smile i use to see slight skin knot, hence i have undergone a surgery, sadly this skin knots looks... READ MORE

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