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Cannot Breath Through Nose While Exercising, Whistle in Nose when Inhaling, & Sinus Pain Around Bridge Can This Be Helped?

Was born 2.5 months premature w blocked nasal passages w many suergeries in my first few yrs of life. The bridge of my nose is very wide and even... READ MORE

My husband has a broken bone spur in his sinus cavity. He has terrible headaches from this. Can this be operated?

Can this be operated on with out risk of death? Where could he go to have this done? And if it cannot surgically be removed is there any relief for... READ MORE

Is sinus ooze and small amounts of blood after nasal cautery normal?

Had surgery last week, splints taken out 2 days ago. Huge nose bleed last night, got both sides cauterized. came home, nose started bleeding again,... READ MORE

I Have Never Done Any Type of Drugs but I Have a Hole in my Nose?

I Have Had Serious Sinus Problems and Infections on a Regular Basis with headaches and lots of bleeding my nose runs constantly I have seen an ent for... READ MORE

I'm Worried About my Nose, I Feel Like It is Starting to Droop. What Would Be the Best Procedure? (photo)

I've always had quite bad sinuses as well which may have changed the shape of it? It seems to be when I smile the tip of my nose especially droops and... READ MORE

Chronic - pain inside nose from talking over time, resulting in fatigue and inflamed eyelids. Sometimes pain in throat.

Hello! I had sinus infection surgery when i was 8. At that time the doctor said I had nasal polyps. Then when I was 24, I went abroad. Since then I've... READ MORE

What's wrong with my nose? (Photo)

Hello, my nose has been like this for about 7-8 years now. I've never been to see anyone about it but i hate my nose. Can you please tell me whats... READ MORE

5 day post-op and never ending headache with sinus pressure and aching gums. Is it normal?

The aches don't get better with prescribed pain medication. Can I take Excedrin which has caffeine? I get a dull headache on top of my head and and at... READ MORE

4 Years Post Trauma to the Face/Nose - Sinus Issues and Swelling: What Type of Surgery Will Correct This? (Photo)

4 years back I got hit by a basketball after that I got sinus and got swelling (as shown in picture) and when ever I touch both sides of my nose it... READ MORE

Can you advise me what to do? I have a sinus allergy and my nose remains swollen all the time.

I have been suffering from sinus allergy due to this my nose remains swell all the time..I am using contaminated sprays to clean my nose still... READ MORE

Is the cartilage in my nostrils cracked? And does it have anything to do with this "sinus affection"?

Today I was feeling through my nostrils a little to figure out why I've had this " sinus affection" for 12 years now. But while feeling around a... READ MORE

Is using Saline Rinse safe after having multiple procedures done in nose?

Some of my sinuses had collapsed so they were stitched up, polyps were removed and a bone was take out. I am nervous to put water and the pressure... READ MORE

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