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Is It Possible to Completely Change my Nose Shape? (photo)

There are four nose changes I want: 1. I want the base to only be one inch wide. Right now the base is almost two inches wide. 2. I want the bridge to... READ MORE

What's the Ideal Masculine Nose Shape?

I've been through two nasal-surgeries which turned out very unnatural. One thing that's bothering me, I've noticed that almost all attractive male... READ MORE

Why Won't Pressure Work to Reshape Nose?

Since the nose is mostly water and is made of cartilage, why wouldn't pressure work on reshaping it? Are there any scientific evidence or articles... READ MORE

2 Years Post Nose Surgery: Tip is Still Swollen

Hello all, In August I will be approaching 2 years post-surgery (to fix a bump in my nose and a slightly downward tip). I'm very happy with the... READ MORE

Does a Premaxillary Implant Change the Appearance of the Nose?

Does a premaxillary implant have the potential to change the appearance of the nose I like my nose but want more fullness between my nose and mouth.... READ MORE

Can a Nose Go Back to Shape After a Minor Nasal Fracture Caused to It?

I recently got three minor nasal fractures 2 in the nose and one on my cheek. The doctor tells me that the shape is changed but it's very minimal. He... READ MORE

I hit my nose 3 months after Rhinoplasty. Is it possible my nose shape might change?

I had rhinoplasty before 3 months today i hit my nose with my bag when i took it to put somewhere above . It hit under my nose with bag zip it hurted... READ MORE

Have 5 Blows to my Nose Changed Its Appearance?

My nose has taken 5 seperate blows on 5 seperate occasions. A ball, a fist, a knee, a skull and an elbow. When i got hit with the fist and the knee I... READ MORE

Can I Get Help With Lots Of Questions 2 Months After Rhino? (photo)

So it's been 2 months since rhino, I have some questions on nose shape. First, will the columella, nostrils and tip decrease in size or is this the... READ MORE

Can the Practice of Martial Arts Permanently Change my Nose?

I will be starting kickboxing soon, and I will eventually be hit in the nose. Is there any change of permanent damage from it? Like my nose becoming... READ MORE

Doctor's Just Wondering How Attractive Do You Think This Nose is in the Picture?

I have a facial structure similar to this and a nose similar to his (shemar moore) in volume and shape. I was wondering how well does it fit his face?... READ MORE

I Dislike the Shape of my Nose but Not the Size? (photo)

I feel that my nose is too round at the tip and i have a small bump on the bridge of my nose. However, i do not think that my nose is too big for my... READ MORE

Having nasal cautirization. Will my nose change shape? Could I wear my eye glasses afterwards? Also will it alter my voice?

Having the nasal cautirization due to difficulty in breathing and sinus infection mainly because allergies that cause inner enlargements READ MORE

My wife had plastic surgery on her nose. What's the recovery period & chance of improving the shape of her nose? (Photo)

My wife went through a plastic surgery for her nose after a terrible car accident she had several fractures in her Nose & collumela missing> For which... READ MORE

I had nasal fracture on 9 September. The ENT went for operation on 11. How much time will it take the bones to heal?

There was a cut was on my nose near right eye doctor applied internal stitch .does it will leave mark on my skin ? I am not satisfied with a shape of... READ MORE

I don't know what to do about my nose?

My cousin dropped her fone and it fell on my nose it hurt my nose a lot so I cried and fell asleep eventhough it hurt a little tomuch at first but in... READ MORE

Will Constant Nose Massaging Cause Change in Nose Shape?

If a person were to rub, massage, press on, push on and sometimes hit the bridge of their nose, would this cause any change, enlargement, or any other... READ MORE

What Kind of Nose Shapes Are Genetically Recessive or Dominant?

I have not been able to find an answer to this question. Here is a hypothetical example: two people have children. 1 partner has a short aquiline,... READ MORE

Can picking nose cause permanent damage to nose shape?

I am 24 year old who used to pick her nose up to 19 years of age. This has caused my left nostril to become flared. The right side is sharp, the way... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapse: breathing difficulty and asymmetry. Can this be corrected? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I have a nasal valve collapse in my left nostril (internal/external?) that I'm getting fixed soon with septal cartilage grafts. The... READ MORE

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